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[Winner's Thread #50] Maybe 2020 will be alright!

Hello everyone!
To be honest, I don’t even know what to say really. I am still so shook up over winning! Just Saturday night I was looking through my finances and stressing about money, and then I woke up Sunday to this? All I can say is thank you, to the creators of this sub, the moderators, and every member here too.
A little bit about me: I am a full time student in college and I work full time as well, which means I really don’t have much free time. I work for an automotive manufacturer, but it is not where I want to be forever (or much longer tbh). Currently, I am attending school to get a degree in Emergency Management, and I would love to work in the disaster relief field helping those who have been through major disasters and catastrophes.
Because all of this is so unexpected, and I really want to make good use of the proceeds here, I am going to do things a little differently. I will donate 50% of everything you guys send in the next week directly to the Australian Red Cross to help provide relief for the refugees and victims of the 2019-2020 fires. I will provide proof of all donations in one week.
All listed payment methods below will go directly to me, and then I will divide the winnings in half and donate it on behalf of the MillionaireMakers community.
Thank you all again for being such a wonderful part of this community. I cannot wait to donate to the next winners, and I wish you all good luck in the next drawing!

*** Everything listed should result in direct lines of payment to surprisesalmon. We ask all users to donate at least $1 USD. The Drawing is also listed for users who want to see the results and confirm the validity of the winner.
Google Pay: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Square Cash:$SurpriseSalmon
Bitcoin: bc1qgn5cy5xdcwpzwmwvpgk6c5k9kgf9jskr88hg4y
Bitcoin Cash: qqh2m87d5syf86vvtna4eutfrzpfjqs9h5k7e4ktd5
Ethereum: 0xbe86E1cDd969c5755e9e0a420499fAD9Dc4A2028
Litecoin: ltc1q4pjz5pxgtvvfnczcrrfghedccjqjdfaw8xclx3
Dogecoin: D6afYPBED8rSrBigytGnNvztzXQyy8ADF8
Nano: nano_3ghnn1374ibjgwx8h4sq61crsenpxxaopokaz84qeehuhgouj77spe8e458t
Venmo: @SurpriseSalmon
Edit 1/20 9PM
I just need to express my gratitude towards all of you and your generosity. You all have absolutely made my year and I am so happy to be a part of this community. You all killed my phone today with your responses, so I am finally back online here!
Also, I will tally up the totals every 24hrs (or there abouts) and let you all see how much we raised in total and towards the Red Cross!
I'll stick around for a bit tonight as I work on homework, and I will try to thank as many of you guys as I can!
Edit 1/20 11:59PM
Thanks everyone for making today something special! I'm off to bed and I will check in tomorrow morning! Have a great night!!!
UPDATE 1/21 11:15AM
At some point last night I had to turn my notifications off because you all kept sending money and adding to the comments and I couldn't let myself sleep! In all seriousness, thank you all again! Ive tallied up the totals for the first 24 hours and posted them below. This is before donation so half of everything listed goes to the Aussies.
I am off work today, so I will try my best to stay near by and thank as many people here as possible!
Paypal $1746.39
Venmo $413.87
Cash App $173
Bitcoin $84.96
Bitcoin Cash $13.08
Nano $335.40
Ethereum $31.89
Litecoin $8.54
Dogecoin $2.37
TOTAL $2,809.50
If a mod can format that better, I would appreciate it as I am a bit unfamiliar with adding cells and such.
UPDATE 1/24/2020 @ 8PM
Hey guys! I'm still so enthralled with the generosity of everyone in here! I apologize for the delayed update, I have been overwhelmed with work and school the past two days, so I finally got some time to give a much needed update!
Paypal $2174.57
Venmo $628.87
Cash App $194
Bitcoin $98.22
Bitcoin Cash $13.08
Nano $373.08
Ethereum $32.42
Litecoin $17.16
Dogecoin $2.37
TOTAL $3,522.77
So as of right now, that is $1,766.86 going to the Australian Red Cross! I will leave all the donation links and addresses up until Monday (and the 50% will be taken from that final total), at which point I will give a grand total and proof of donation!!
FINAL UPDATE 1/28/2020
I want to thank you all for your kind and generous donations over the past week! This will be my last update to this thread, and I wanted to give you a total breakdown of all the donations and the final Red Cross donation!
As of 2:15 PM the donations were as follows:
Paypal $2277.95
Venmo $638.87
Cash App $197
Bitcoin $112.56
Bitcoin Cash $13.87
Nano $395.03
Ethereum $34.90
Dogecoin $2.38
TOTAL: $3672.56!!
I just completed the donation to the Australian Red Cross for the sum total of $1836.28 USD (or $2588.73 AUD) and have linked the receipt for all of you to view for proof!
Thank you all so much again for everything. You have made me incredibly happy and have made my year so much better!
Good luck to you all in the next round, and I cant wait to donate to the next winner!!!
RECIPT: (All totals in AUD)
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Beginner project using YFinance - need help!

Hey all,
I'm fairly novice at Python, but have started to (attempt to) write useful programs. So far I've put one together that traverses a folder list and checks for a particular folder and either adds it if it isn't there, or renames it if it is labelled incorrectly.
I have recently almost finished my 2nd project. It's a data extractor that calculates percentage returns of most of the world's major stock market indices over a user-selected time period, using the YFinance library.
I've managed to capture and address all errors except for a ValueError to do with the datetime module. It will only come up if the user enters an incorrect date (e.g. the 31st of February) and causes the program to crash.
You will see in the While loop for the 'end date' field, I've tried adding the ValueError statement here (I've also tried other places in the code as well including under the loop that reads the dictionary of stock indices) but each time a wrong date format is entered, the error appears.
What I need help with is:
I've been reading up on datetime for much of the weekend but still haven't made any progress with it. I'm sure it's a relatively simple fix, but I am requesting help from those who are much more skilled than I.
Also if anyone notices any redundant info in the code, please don't hesitate to inform me!
Thanks in advance for your help!!
import yfinance as yf import pandas import re import sys import datetime from datetime import timedelta """Title:""" print("MAJOR INDICES STOCK PRICE CALCULATOR (FROM DATE TO DATE) \n") """Ensure user enters correct date format:""" correct_date_format = re.compile(r'\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2}') """User enters date range:""" while True: start_date_script = "Enter a start date in the format YYYY-MM-DD" start_date_script += "\n(type 'q' then press 'enter' to exit): " end_date_script = "\nEnter an end date in the format YYYY-MM-DD: " end_date_script += "\n(type 'q' then press 'enter' to exit): " start_date = '' end_date = '' """Ensure start/end date matches correct format and give option to exit""" while True: start_date = input(start_date_script) start_date_match =, start_date) if start_date == 'q': sys.exit() if not start_date_match is None: break else: print( "You must enter a start date in the format YYYY-MM-DD! \n" ) while True: try: end_date = input(end_date_script) except ValueError: print( "This month doesn't have this many days. Please try again.") except IndexError: print("\nPlease enter a larger date range") continue else: end_date_match =, end_date) if end_date == 'q': sys.exit() if end_date <= start_date: print("\nThe end date cannot be before the start date!") print() continue if not end_date_match is None: break else: print( "You must enter an end date in the format YYYY-MM-DD!\n" ) """List of all ticker symbols to be used""" yahoo_tickers = { 'All Ords': '^AORD', 'S&P ASX 200': '^AXJO', 'NZX50': '^NZ50', 'NASDAQ': '^NDX', 'S&P 500': '^GSPC', 'Dow Jones': '^DJI', 'FTSE': '^FTSE', 'DAX': '^GDAXI', 'Hang Seng': '^HSI', 'Nikkei225': '^N225', 'Gold': 'GC=F', 'Oil': 'CL=F', 'CMC Crypto 200': '^CMC200', 'Bitcoin (in AUD)': 'BTC-AUD', 'MSCI World index': 'XWD.TO' } """Calculate difference between end date and set time periods""" datetimeFormat = '%Y-%m-%d' date1 = start_date date2 = end_date diff = datetime.datetime.strptime(date1, datetimeFormat)\ - datetime.datetime.strptime(date2, datetimeFormat) print() print("-------------------------------------------------") print("Total days in period:", abs(diff.days)) print("-------------------------------------------------") """Return percentage change reports from major indices:""" for index, ticker_code in yahoo_tickers.items(): try: ticker = yf.Ticker(ticker_code) ticker_history = ticker.history(start = start_date, end = end_date) except ValueError: print( "Incorrect amount of days for month. Please try again.") except(IndexError, KeyError): print( "To avoid the above error, try extending your date range\n." ) else: ticker_percent_change = "%.2f" % round( (((ticker_history['Close'][-1] / ticker_history['Close'][0]) - 1)* 100), 2) print( "{0:<50}{1:>10}".format( "\n" + index + " % change in selected period: ", (str(ticker_percent_change) + '%'))) goto_start = "\nDo you want to input a new date range? " goto_start += "\nPress 'y' & 'enter' to input a new date range." goto_start += "\nPress 'n', then 'enter' to exit. " cont_or_exit = input(goto_start) if cont_or_exit == 'y': print() continue if cont_or_exit == 'n': break 
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True shtf scenarios, revisited (U.S.)

Hello all,
This post is not intended to solicit political debate. Also if you think the social collapse in the U.S. is far fetched, then please ignore this post.
I want to discuss how to prepare for an shtf situation as an American citizen - protecting your family and preserving value of assets as much as possible, more specifically:
- How to protect our liquid asset from government in case it turns into fascist and try to confiscate individuals' assets. (this is not about escape taxes)
- Hedge against hyper inflation.
- Where (which state, or foreign country) to be to keep you family safe.
I did read through a couple of past posts on this subject, but some of the specifics were mostly from people in EU and might not be applicable for Americans.
For liquid assets -
  1. Bitcoin - Safe from government. cons - it's volatile, but when shtf, this might not be much of a concern (FATCA proof)
  2. Precious metal in physical form, in foreign bank(s). I don't know how viable this is, but seems like huge hassle to manage. Might be an option but I wouldn't put a significant portion of assets in this. (is this FATCA proof?)
  3. Foreign currency - CAD, AUD? it' fairly easy to trade them in the US, but I am not sure how much protection it gives in a shtf situation if your foreign currency is held in a US based institute. It's hard to open a foreign bank account if you are not a resident in these countries. (most likely not FATCA proof)
  4. Purchase properties in other countries. I guess for most people in this subreddit this is not very practical. (most likely not FATCA proof)
  5. Foreign bank accounts (Swiss, Singapore banks?)
For keeping your family safe - where would you hunker down? Sure, a remote area, but where?
In the US - Alaska? Mid-west states ?
Outside the US - Canada? New Zealand? Australia? Singapore?
Also since this is mostly a personal finance sub, I am going to leave AR15 out of this.

Your input is much appreciated, thanks.
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Bitcoin fruadster wont leave me alone.

So this was a scam I had befallen back in 2018 and I had lost AUD 800 after I realized somewhere in the process that there was something really fishy with the investment. The Bitcoin mining sort.
The nature of the scam was that he promised 4 times ROI in just a few days (cryptocurrency so I didnt think too much on it) I only need to invest usd 500. Onto a blockchain account he opened for me. When I tried to withdraw the money I found my account been frozen in some way. Contact the guy. And he told me to put in another usd 1000. At that moment I tried to cut tie with him and politely telling him to shove my usd 500 up his ass but he didn't seem to get the message.
Then we bring it to this year.......
This Fruadster recently start WhatsApp Messaging me from multiple numbers ( few +1 (952), (506), etc) from this guy. I knew it was him because he talked the same (trying to sound legit yet dodging crucial questions) even among all the 16 numbers I had blocked.
Now he still claim his name was MJJ had to hide his fake name due to retarded reddit rules. (probably fake). I nearly had him as he sent me his photo ID. However, I was stupid in not knowing that upon reporting and blocking in WhatsApps also delete photos. There goes my chance that someone would able to run his face through some criminal database.
I know is really hard to report someone whom had multiple numbers, while I'm in another country and possibly a fake name. But help is appreciated.
Also, it is possible to block an entire country number? I Googled this but cannot find any thing that works. I really don't want to get a new number as that would cause lots of trouble for me. So blocking the entire country is my best bet. Who knows how many numbers does this MJJ guy have?
He mentioned that he work for Antminer if that even such a thing.
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(Australia cardholder's) is this all a big scam?? Or am i just doing everything wrong?!??

Ok here we go!
(Backstory) I saw an advertisement for on my Australia phone, in Australia, looked at their website a few times to see if this was something I wanted to do, and got really excited! This seems cool! It looks like it's available in Australia just ships from Singapore etc, that's ok let's have a look!
Ok, this is wierd, on the app, I can't change my currency to AUD, even though they advertise here, I just can't! , I contacted the help center, which were no help and didn't offer any solutions, so I just put my currency as SGD (as it's closest to AUD) [They are planning to add AUD at some point, sooner the better in my mind!]
Then the bitcoin and MCO crash Happened and I was like right, time to get my red card! And pay for that MCO! So I did awesome! And also did a lil investment too!
Oh no... 2 days later I got slapped with a bunch of transaction fee's?!?! What why?! This was advertised in, u guessed it, Australia! But I'm paying international? Ok ok, just a one off I guess.
[I know these were from my bank, I phrased this bad, I was annoyed that paying for the card in Australia didn't go to an Australian company etc, the act of paying for it was an internal payment which incorred charges from my bank, I still think this is dumb, however, I'll use other ways to get around this as people mentioned]
I look Into the fiat wallet and guess what, also international transactions fee, I'm pissed off but, uknow, once I get my card it should work fine, uknow, they advertise here so it mabie works when you have it,.
[I still believe they should have in Australia accounts if they advertise here]
So my card came yesterday and boi was I wrong!
To even get aud on it I have to go from MCO to SGD to AUD, do you have any idea how much you lose in all that transferring?!? (40sgd loses almost .70sgd in the transfer) this is crazy! The cashback wouldn't even cover the transfer rate?
[I have learned that you can just use SGD without exchange it in Australia, so that's fine]
Ok ok, I sent a message to help and thought let's get Spotify, that should work, they advertise that everywhere!
Oh no, here we go again!
First off, it dosent work, I contacted help and they said like yeah it dosent you have to change your account to Singapore? First off that's stupid and false advertising, I'm in Australia, I want Australia stuff! YOU ADVERTISED IN AUSTRALIA!! but I caved and change all my account to Singapore, still Doea not work, ok, mabie I have to have SGD on the card? So load up some SGD (at a terrible exchange rate) still dosent work, even try a VPN to Singapore, nope, went through all the help on Spotify and tried everything they suggested, you guessed it, nope!
[Mabie there is something wrong with my card? Or Spotify? Other people don't have this issue, however somebody said just do it through PayPal so now I do, they said I'll still get the money back so I guess we will see?]
So now do I even want to upgrade? I don't want Singapore Netflix!
[I'll still get Aussie Netflix because I'm in Australia, good to know :)]
Have I just got everything going bad for me or is this company in the wrong for saying they can do Australia? Should they of waited like some other countries for it to be available?
[In conclusion I'm feeling less ripped off and more a little mislead, it looks from the outside that you just get the card and go, but intact you have to take all these alternative routes and change this that and other, which I still believe to be misleading, but, I guess still a good deal? Jury is still out on that one, for now]
Advertised and sold this card In Australia, however to get it to work you have to do a bunch of confusing extra things that the company don't tell you about, like using free international payment services and changing location's on apps
Please help! [Thanks for everybody's input]
Chris :)
UPDATE: everybody's comments have been reall helpful, I'm gonna put what I have learned in brackets [. ] Below each block of text,
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Public CodeValley/Emergent Consensus questioning and investigation Thread. Ask your hard questions and dispel your doubts here.

What is going on here?
I am asking some hard questions for the CodeValley Company, which recently proposed a new revolutionary software development paradigm called Emergent Coding at the latest big Bitcoin Cash conference in Australia.
I am asking these questions because, as I (and ~150 people who agreed with me) noticed, there are stunning similarities between CodeValley and the companies who have tried and succeeded in crippling Peer-To-Peer Electronic Cash: nChain and Blockstream.
According to me, as it looks now, similarities between these 3 companies (nChain, Blockstream, CodeValley) are the following:
}- Sources of funding are extremely unclear or openly hostile to Bitcoin
}- At first and even second glance, there is no product, no way to make money
}- Whitepaper & Documentation is missing, hollow or total abstract bullshit, company has no logical sense of existence
}- Detailed specifications or proofs of operation are not available
}- Main products are closed-source patented blobs (BSV, Liquid, Emergent Coding)
}- They have huge influences in the industry or try to establish themselves in such position to have the infuences
I am here (and you are here, I assume) because we want to find out the truth, whatever the truth is. The point of this topic is to ask the hardest possible questions in order to estimate the probability of CodeValley company being legit.
But this is also a chance for CodeValley to clear their name by providing sufficient information that proves that (after 4 years of having working company and 10+ years of having patents [Archived]) they actually have a working product and are a legit company, and not an infiltrator designed and paid by banks/TPTB in order to cripple and destroy Bitcoin Cash. Also if they truly are what they claim and they truly have such a revolutionary technology, this is a great opportunity for promotion. To show the world that the tech actually works.
I will ask my questions and you can ask your questions as well. Don't make them easy. Don't have mercy (but these things work better when you are polite).
Let's begin the trial by fire!
Calling nlovisa
My Questions/Tasks for CodeValley:
[Of course you actually don't have to answer any of them or you can give us bullshit answers again, but in such case the community may conclude that you actually are next nChain/Blockstream and an enemy infiltrator, reject you and shoot down all your efforts. So the choice is yours]
@@@@ 1. Please upload your actual businessplan which you presented to the people in power who gave you funding(VCs? Government?) to create $50 Million BCH tech park. A businessplan which is supposed to explain spending of $50 million AUD should have at least 7 pages (but more probably 20+). Some names and unimportant details (but NOT money/financial numbers) can be redacted.
-- You have 6 hours to complete this task --
@@@@ 2. Please list your current VCs and >%5 shareholders, with CEO names and HQ locations of each of them.
-- You have 4 hours to complete this task --
@@@@ 3. Few days ago you promised to upload freely-accessible documentation to subpage which would describe emergent coding in greater details.
@ - What happened to that promise?
@@@@ 4. After I accused that your company is bullshit and your product is hollow, you immediately started to praise me and offered me a trip to Australia [Archived].
@ - So, do you always praise and offer a paid trip across the world to Australia to all people on the Internet who heavily criticize you? Is this a common practice in your company?
@@@@ 5. A travel from Poland to Australia and back would cost something under $2000 AUD, counting buses, with hotels that would make something close to $2500 AUD even for few days. Based on this, I estimate your "invite random people from the internet to Australia in order to show them the product" budget has to consist of at least $50.000 AUD yearly (but $100.000 - $200.000 is more probable of course).
@ A) In your financial books, what exactly is called the Excel position of your budget expenses under which would your secretary put my trip's expenses?
@ B) How do you maintain such a large budget for such frivolous spending and how do you explain it to your shareholders/VCs?
@@@@ 6. Few days ago you answered somebody a question: "The trust model is also different. The bulk of the testing happens before the project is designed not after. Emergent Coding produces a binary with very high integrity and arguably far more testing is done in emergent coding than in incumbent methods you are used to.".
@ A) Who EXACTLY does the testing? People? Software? AI? Non-bullshit answer, please.
@ B) Why exactly is there "more testing" in Emergent Coding than in normal software creation paradigm? Why is emergent coding different? Do the developers who work in this paradigm are somehow special? Are the programming languages magical?
@ C) What are the specific software tools used for this "testing"? "Agents" is a non-answer, so don't even try.
@@@@ 7. Please provide a simple demo binary of a simple program created completely using your "Emergent Coding" and also provide all the binary sub-component files that make up the final binary.
Requirements: There has to be a minimum of 3 sub - binaries making up the final big binary for this to be valid. 2 or less does not count. None of the binaries can be obfuscated, they have to be clean X86/X86_64 machine code binaries.
Notes: It should be incredibily simple, quick and easy task for you, since designing such a complex and apparently breakthough system must have required thousands, tens of thousands if not hundereds of thousands tests. All of these tests produced working binaries - after all you wouldn't claim you have a working marvellous revolutionary product without extensive testing, right?
-- You have 18 hours for this task --
Of course, If you are saying the truth and have truly developed this revolutionary "emergent coding" binary-on-the-fly-merging technology, this should normally take you under 18 minutes to just find the test samples and upload them.
@@@@ 8. Please construct a simple (binary or source) single-use-compiler demo that will combine 3 or more sub-binaries into final working product. Please upload the sub-binaries and the "single-use compiler" to publicly available site so people in our community can verify that your product is actually working.
The single-use-compiler binary can be obfuscated with proper tool in order to hide your precious intellectual property. The 3 sample sub-binaries cannot be obfuscated. They have to be pure, clean, binary X86/X86_64 machine code. Everything has to be working and verifable of course.
-- You have 72 hours to complete this task --
I understand all your technologies are patented with patents that basically predate Bitcoin and you are giving us obfuscated binaries, so you don't have to worry about anybody stealing your company's intellectual property, right?
@@@@ 9. You mentioned the only application I need to create programs using Emergent Coding is the pilot app.
@ - What programming language(s) is the pilot app written in?
@@@@ 10. When you developed the Emerging Coding, before it started existing, you couldn't have used emergent coding to create the first (test & development) applications because it is a chicken and egg problem.
@ - What programming language did you use to create first client/serveapi/daemon/tool used to merge multiple binaries into one in Emergent Coding?
@@@@ 11. Please list all of your current programmers and programming language each of them is using next to their name. Also provide LinkedIn profiles if applicable.
-- You have 18 hours to complete this task --
@@@@ 12. Please also list all Development Environments (IDEs) used by your current programmers next to their name.
-- You have 18 hours to complete this task --
@@@@ 13. Please list all compilers used by your current programmers next to their name.
-- You have 18 hours to complete this task --
@@@@ 14. So if I understand correctly CodeValley will be the company who runs $50 million BCH tech park and the tech will house multiple Bitcoin Cash-related startup and companies. Let's say I have a BCH startup and I would like to rent a loft/spot in your "tech park".
A) Please provide a PDF of sample basic contract you have (hopefully) prepared for such startups.
-- You have 4 hours to complete this task --
B) How much does the rent cost per a room (or m2/sqft) for a month and for a year?
@@@@ 15. Please submit the list of compilers that produce X86/X86_64/ARM binaries compatibile with Emergent Coding "mash-it-together" "binary compiler".
-- You have 4 hours to complete this task --
@@@@ 16. Is it possible for Emergent Coding to merge multiple non-binary applications (like Python or PHP programs) together? Or is it just binaries?
Who are you?
I am a freedom thinker and individual independent from all infuences who just does what he finds appropriate at the moment. Disclaimer to preempt questions:
}- I do not work for anybody
}- I do not have any hidden agenda
}- I am only doing what I think is right
}- I am a born revolutionist, this is why I am in Bitcoin
Why are you doing this?
}- Because I believe in truth above all. Truth will save us.
}- Because I believe in Satoshi's peer-to-peer cash for the world vision and I will not stray from this path.
}- Because most people are apparently missing psychological immune system which is why attempts like Blockstream, nChain appear and are repetedly [at least partially] successful. I have an anti-bullshit immune system that works great against this type of attacks. I was actually one of the first to be banned in /Bitcoin sub for pointing out their lies with manipulations and to spot Craig Wright's attempt to infiltrate and bend /btc sub to his will..
}- Because I was fooled twice by entities similar to CodeValley before (namingly nChain and Blockstream) and I will not be fooled again. Bitcoin Cash will not be co-opted easily as long as I am here.
}- Because if Bitcoin Cash community is an organism, then I became a B lymphocyte cell. I produce antibodies. I show you how to defend yourself from bullshit, lies and manipulation. This is my basic function.
}- Because I am here to kill the bank
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Is it legit? (plz read details below) “Get paid using your Aus Apple ID to make in-app purchases for Chinese clients”

(genuine question—I tried for one day, got paid but am now having doubts whether it is all legal/legit)
So I came across this job ad (in a moderated social media group for job ads/for-hires) for “Apple ID/PayPal sub-agents” (my translation) and decided to contact the person posting it and find out how it works.
Long story short, there are lots of Chinese mobile gamers who prefer playing on the international (non-Chinese) servers, and would like to purchases in-game currencies (to get better equipments etc.) but can’t. Or they can, but Apple likes to place extra strict purchasing restrictions on Chinese Apple ID, resulting in people not being able to make more than one or two purchases in game.
So they pay agent A, who has an international card/bank account, who will contact sub-agent B (me if I take the offer), who has an Australian/US/whatever Apple ID. Sub agent B will log in using their (my) Apple ID, log into the Chinese client’s game account, linking agent A’s card and make the purchase using A’s money.
[so why am I having doubts?]
The client gets their in-game coins/equipment/etc. B provides his/her Australian Apple ID and spends a little time making the actual purchase. A makes a profit out of (and here’s the possibly dubious part):
(1) charging the client slightly higher than the purchase itself (sounds legit to me—but I’m not sure this is what they do), or
(2) currency exchange rates (this, according to the person I contacted, is what he does. He has a lot of Bitcoins saved up and is using that to earn as much as he can during the lockdown, is what he told me), or
(3) cheating the system by applying for a refund from Apple/PayPal once the client has received their purchase. The client usually gets to keep what they purchased because it’s just a virtual product. (this is unethical, if legal, and the person I contacted seems to agree, but he works/has worked with people who do this...)
(4) paying with stolen bank details. (This is 100% illegal and a serious crime. Person I talked to doesn’t know anyone who does this)
So yeah. I actually went ahead and tried this yesterday. I made 14 purchases in a battle-royale style game (for multiple different game accounts/clients), took me around 2 hours. At this point iTunes wouldn’t let me make anymore purchases—which is what eventually happens and the whole reason why they needed us subagents in the first place. Had a bit of trouble due to international transfer etc, but eventually got paid around $150 AUD. That’s a very high commission for 2 hours of simple tapping without ever handing out my account details to anyone, or using any of my own money at all. In fact, the clients had to provide their game accounts to me...which I had to delete after the job was done, of course.
After that, the guy referred me to this other person who works with PayPal accounts, but the first 5 cards he provided didn’t work (for various reasons) and in this process I started having doubts and ended up asking the first guy in private, and he told me that this job belonged to category (3) above—cheating the system with the refund feature so that you end up getting the product without paying anything. I said well, that’s not something I’m comfortable doing, he understood, so I told the other person I quit.
So yeah. What do you people think? In the case of the game accounts and profiting from the currency rates, that is. Is it legitimate? Am I breaking any laws....or maybe just the T&C of the game itself...? Because if I’m not, well this is a highly profitable business it seems. Short term, yes, because you can’t keep using the same ID forever. But very high-paying, mate...
They do eventually place a purchasing restriction on your ID (or maybe just on the particular card linked to your ID, who knows, I haven’t tested this). I’ve actually had that happen to me before while just making my own in-game purchases, I contacted customer support and it went back to normal in a few days’ time.
*(Edit: spelling and spacing)
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I can't stop my self? 18 and a life full of nothing but addictions and despair

Hello.. posting here because I don't know what to do anymore. This first week of March has already felt like months of hell and I want to know how to get out of this hole. I have never said anything about this to anyone as I am embarrassed by it and would rather not deal with any extra judgement that may be received.

I believe that my problem started at the age of 15 - I had just discovered bitcoin and decided to play $50 which I had received as a gift - after transferring everything and doing the exchanges, I ended up with around $20 to play with online. I lost it.. and I felt like utter shit for 2 days - I was a 16 year old who had lost $50 I had received as a gift. A week goes by and I feel better, and I had recently started a job at a fast food chain so I was making 100-200 a week. A few weeks went by playing $50 each week, until a miracle happened - I had turned $50 through a variety of different websites using martingale (I know, stupid indeed but by some odd change I had managed to make a huge amount) into around $200,000 AUD at the time (worth much more now in bitcoin rates). This was the day after Christmas of 2017 I believe - I withdrew the money and went to sleep finally after a long night of gambling (I had withdrew and redeposited into multiple different websites multiple times through the night constantly telling myself I'd stop soon.. so I did, at 200,000 - or so I thought). I woke up the next morning and instantly put it all back in - I did some very stupid bets (they got very large, I did not realize just how quickly a bet can go from $10 to $20,000) and ended up with $0 - well, this was the end of it. Or so I thought. After a day of beating my self up, I kept quite - went back to school, didn't say anything to anyone - of course, it might have been noticeable how miserable I was. Fast track a few weeks later, I started stealing. Yes, I know - I regret every decision I made and I have always felt guilty for what I did - I was midway into 16 at the time and spent every school night on my iPad making around three to four hundred dollars through different schemes which I always put back into the websites. Not once did i get close to repeating what I had made during the big win - I always thought, next one. But the next one was never it. Eventually, I started betting during school every few days and some mates caught on and started playing with me - small amounts, but we had fun gambling together during classes. It was when I was the only one playing all day and all night by myself that I realized I may have had a problem - but no, I could stop at any time I said to my self. This was the first stage.

What happened next, was I turned 18 and discovered sports betting. After a few thousand dollars in losses, I stopped myself from that and found my new preferred method of gambling - online casinos (not bitcoin, but aud) - I would spend every day playing on a new casino trying to beat the odds and not once did I do it. I did make a few big wins, but never pulled out and always (and i repeat, always, no matter how much I pulled out, I ended up losing all the profits and more the next day) lost. A few weeks into being 18, I discovered my worst enemy - the poker machines. I was new to all of this - me and a few friends went into a pub and saw a couple of machines - we were curious and each chucked in a few dollars. After we all lost our money, they all wanted to leave but I was different - I was the only one who put in more. I had no idea what the machines were or how to play them but I ended up spending an hour playing a few dollars - it was boring to me. I didn't understand it - "how could anyone be addicted to these piece of shit machines?" I thought. Fast forward a few weeks and I started going more often - I would play larger amounts and win larger amounts - it was getting more exciting (and would still get more, the more I learned about features and different machines.) After getting arrested and losing my license for a year around the time of my exams (two separate incidents which happened very closely to each other) I ended up with over $5,000 in fines to pay (court fine, impound fee, etc). I had a plan to pay them all off in a few months time. But at this time, I was falling in love with the poker machines. My family kept questioning where I was until 4am every morning, my girlfriend was constantly asking what I was doing - I always had an answer. This was my issue. I am a compulsive liar and have no problem lying about anything to anyone - it happens easily. My plan to pay off my fines did not happen. Couple months passed and I had spent almost every dollar at the pokies going every night hoping to make enough to pay off my fines - I spent all my paychecks and if I hadn't, I would have had enough to pay them off and not have this massive headache. I had to take out a loan. I took out a loan for double what I owed last week (around $10,000) - and this is where the real issue began. I had lied about my fines to everyone - my family, friends, etc. I told them I owed nothing more than $2,000 and that my loan was no more than $3,000. With this in mind, I had the mindset that the surplus of $5,000 was disposable - so what did I do? I went to Crown. The big place where it all happens. 3 days of playing and I made a few thousand dollars - i was up. But I was not happy with where I was. I started to skip university to go to Crown and in the span of 2 days, lost more than $8,000 which I had from the loan and all my extra savings/paychecks. One would think that these events would help me to stop - but no, this further worsened my problems. Since I was 16 I have had a problem with drugs (I would do a range of drugs, usually at school or at night when I wouldn't have to deal with my family, and spend the days messing around). Around a few weeks ago I had developed an addiction to cocaine (I say this as I am about to snort another key at 4am with uni work due in 8 hours). For the past 2 weeks I have spent the beginning and end of every day at a venue in an attempt to make back my very first massive win - but this has become more of an issue as my once a week cocaine habit had become daily (every couple of hours, which became every hour, which became every 30 minutes of playing) so while I was playing, I always always snorting before, during and after which made me very, very, compulsive - I had made many large wins which any smart person would have cashed out but to me - it was never enough. No matter how many massive features or wins I had (which attracted the attention of many onlookers) it was never enough for me. One more spin, I would always say as I drained my last few hundred down the drain.

Now I'm here, 3 hours after losing my last thousand dollars and last bag of cocaine, in bed at 4am contemplating whether to start my uni work due in a few hours or to just sleep and hope for the best, thinking of ways to fuel my addictions for the next few days knowing I should stop.

But that's the thing - I can't stop. I know I should. I want to. But I can't. My urge to do these things is stronger than my will to stop - "you should stop" becomes "you can stop when you want, but why stop now? it feels so good and you'll win eventually" - I know if I talk to someone it won't help me because I'm stubborn and will relapse very shortly so I am posting this here in hopes that maybe someone can relate or to find out if anyone can provide any advice as I am very lost and have no idea what to do anymore and I'm absolutely sick of it. I'm hiding my drug and gambling addiction from family, friends, my girlfriend - it is so obvious and everyone is suspicious but I am still lying to hide it. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm done.

Thank you if you managed to read this far and I hope that you can provide any advice at all about what to do to cut these addictions - I'm so fed up with this life already.
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If I buy Bitcoin in the UK and sell it in Australia (or vice versa) how does that complicate tax?

I'm a dual citizen but reside in AU - My initial plan is to buy with my UK tax-free inheritance using £GBP, probably wait for a short time for the value to increase to cover the fees, and sell partially for AUD$, while holding the rest as a Bitcoin investment for more than a year, or until the peak of the next bull run.
In Australia if you hold for more than a year there's a 50% discount in capital gains tax, but what if I didn't buy it in Aus?
I'm unsure how to pay the least tax when I sell Bitcoin. The UK tax-free exemption yearly limit for all investments is £11,700 so perhaps I can sell this much worth for £ each year. Then if I spend it with my UK debit card in AU does that have tax implications in AU?
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05-03 04:24 - 'M21GlobalCenter - cryptocurrency website (It may be a SCAM)' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/cheez2806 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 44-54min

I'm making this post as I'm receiving alot of DMs about my situation as people encountering the same thing. I'm very new to this - did alot of searches etc. so this is what I did that may help some people and I did get my money back. I also could be lucky in that they thought if they returned it I might invest more? It wasn't a large amount, I put in 250AUD and got it back. Lost $2 from like transaction fees etc. I'm thinking if I put in more than 250AUD like thousands - perhaps they would just take the money and not respond at all? I'm not sure but here's my two cents worth.
The potential SCAM website is: [[link]5
  1. If you have just made a deposit - call your bank now and talk to them about this. Is there anything they can do to cancel the transfer or something.
  2. Some people have file police reports too.
  3. Also report the profile on the social media website if you haven't so. I couldn't as I deleted my CMB account one day after I added them on Whatsapp. I got tired of it all so just decided to take a break from it.
  4. Block them on Whatsapp or Instagram after you have attempted to get your money back. If they message you asking how you are going etc. I still replied so they aren't suspicious that I found out they are scammers.
I liked a profile on Coffee meets bagel and they liked me back and then started chatting away. Long story short - he introduced me to M21globalcenter and guided me how to deposit, buy and sell.
The deposit required my passport or license to verify who I was - I did a quick google search and some avenues do required that. So I did that. Deposit was successful the next day.
So the next day he guided me through the buy and sell - so he guided me to purchase USDT using the 250AUD I deposited and then he taught me how to trade it to earn. I think that's what happened Lol. Anyway so I saw that I earned some small increment on my account.
So obviously later his conversation always turned to persuading me to go to this website to do more investments etc. so I told him I will stop for a bit and check out other platforms. Then he said alright you can withdrawal anytime if you want to stop and talk to chat support for assistance. So that's where I didn't block him nor talked to him anymore. Its only then I did a reverse image on his photos (profile pic) his using some one else's photos from Instagram. So I didn't block him yet but didn't want to alarm him in case his scam team may decide to do something to my money or details etc. I contacted my bank and made an note with them.
I didn't go back to ask him how I can withdraw even though he said if I have trouble I can ask him. I went to the webpage to explore a bit and they had two ways on the webpage to withdrawal. One is the "withdrawal funds" page. This will ask for your bank details and its submitted as a request. I didn't know how to use the other withdrawal at that time so I resorted to this one first - however I got back a email saying that I had filled things out wrong. So I went on to ask chat support and they said to give them those details over chat support and that I filled the information wrong. Then I stopped because the info I gave was correct. I'm guessing they couldn't work out which was my bsb and account number so I guess the platform's withdrawal form is just poorly formatted to just entering your bank account number. Being skeptical I went to check out option number 2 in a bit more detail.

[Withdrawal fund page]2
Option 2 is "withdraw" link under "asset management"

[Select your currency that you had purchased e.g. I purchased USDT - under this page for me, all other cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, ETH if I click into it, it all says withdrawal suspended. I don't know whether its related to time of the day? Some times the page is open to those withdrawals.]3
So if I select USDT I should see this:

[Withdrawal address is your digital wallet address]4
So then I was like okay I have no idea what that then I went to chat support and ask about this withdrawal address and they were like oh, you better off to withdrawal through the withdrawal form because its much quicker and just insisted I use the withdrawal fund form instead of this. Anyhow I closed chat and went to do more googling.
Then I figured out how to use this and enter the "withdrawal address". I must have a digital wallet so I went to download EXODUS according to reviews and also some redditors comments of it. This withdrawal address is the code or link or what ever you want to call it, its like your bank account number for your digital wallet.
Once downloaded, just follow through the sign up process. Then you can proceed with the sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. HOWEVER! you need to also have some ETH currencies in exodus because they charge a small transaction fee for sending or receiving fees.
How did I get ETH into Exodus?
I signed up to coinspot - as I'm based in Australia and they take AUD so to avoid international transaction fees etc. I used their platform to purchase $10 of ETH. The purchased ETH is stored on the coinspot's digital wallet on the website.. So I sent the ETH from coinspot to my exodus wallet using the "withdrawal address" as requested when you are sending or receiving cryptocurrency. Now just in hindsight - I could have just sent the USDT to coinspot wallet instead. Anyhow this is my first time so I'm kinda all over the place with this.
So once that's all set up. I went back to M21globalcenter and copied my exodus "withdrawal address" into the relevant section and waited. So in the mean time as I didn't get the cryptocurrency in the next few days - I went to exodus support team and asked how long does it normally take and explained to them what I encountered. They mentioned that M21 is most likely a custodial platform where they operate through banks hence the transactions taking longer is a normal occurrence. They also encouraged me to go back to M21 support to ask them how long it would take for the money to go into the digital wallet. So I did - initially I was really reluctant to do so because I was sure I'm not gonna get the money back but worth the shot I guess.
I went back to M21 chat support and ask them how long it would take for the withdrawal to a digital wallet should take and they kept going back to saying use the withdrawal fund request form like a broken record. But I insisted no, I wanted it digital so then they said they cannot give me a time frame because it depends on when they process it and whether they approve of it. Anyhow just like 5 minutes after this conversation - I got the USDT in my exodus wallet.
Then I transferred the USDT to coinspot wallet and then withdrew funds on the coinspot and got it back $258AUD in the next few days in my bank account. ($250 +$10 ETH I put into Exodus minus $2 dollars transaction fees here and there)
Hope this helps
M21GlobalCenter - cryptocurrency website (It may be a SCAM)
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: cheez2806
1: www.*2*glob*lc**ter.*om 2: prev***it/e*5psp**kg***.png?*i*th***00&a*p;for*at=p*g&aut*=webp&s=a1e2**d3da**d5e5ec****ef*5*d10e37*77ecb* 3: previ*w.redd.i*/p29bd*d3*gw41.*ng?wid*h*1*3*&a***for*at=p*g&au*o*we*p*amp;s=7*5a*****39*15bad4a4421*a*fec2523b*db*1* 4: previe*.r*d*.it/fneo5*flmgw**.*ng?width*1**0**mp;for*a*=p****mp*auto=we*p&a*p;s*286*07f**b2f6d6*d*a*44c4*86ad594*85c1c63 5: *w*.m21*lo*alc*nt*r*com]^^1
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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BlockFi + $50 + $100 USD Sign-Up Bonuses + 50% off BitCoin

Stumbled across some opportunities to make some easy money from Crypto with some new sign-up bonuses and deals if you have a bit of spare cash lying around - around $700 USD or $1000 AUD should do it.
These were the steps I followed:
1)) Sign-Up to, with this code (mbmj7gvkwh), verify your identity and download the app (the app lets you deposit money)
2)) Hit 'Trade' and 'Buy' to deposit $210 USD worth of Bitcoin, 3200 CRO units, and 50 MCO units (~$280 USD) (last two are specific currencies).
3)) Head over to the 'Card' tab at the bottom right of the app. Apply for a Ruby Steel debit card and lock in 50 MCO units for 6 months. This will unlock the $50 USD referral for after then.
4)) Transfer your 3200 CRO units to the web version of
5)) Go to this link which is the 50% off bitcoin sale on the web version of and pledge 3200 CRO. It should tell you how much Bitcoin you received (for 50% off) in a day or two
6)) Sign up to BlockFi and transfer the $210 USD worth of Bitcoin from
Voila! You should have $100 USD from BlockFi in August, some cheap bitcoin in a couple of days and another $50 USD in 6 months from!
Let me know if that works for y'all
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Is there any way I can withdraw my money?

First of all, I have to say that no other platform or app in the world has ever caused as much frustration as trying to create an account, buy some bitcoin and sell that bitcoin.
Anyway, after much effort, I was able to buy $600 AUD worth of bitcoin. Now Im trying to sell it because I just dont want to go anywhere near this app anymore. It kept saying it is not supported in my country. Im thinking wtf? surely that cant be true. How can you allow someone to buy something but not allow them to sell it? Thats the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! Turns out, it is true for Australian and Singapore users. WTF they should let people in Australia know this with a simple alert on their app instead of putting it on their support page so that people can read it after they made their purchase.
So does anyone have any ideas on how I could get this money out? Cheers!
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Cluey Learning is a ponzi scheme - Australian investors and parents stay away!

I write this as a concerned investor who recently was approached to consider an investment in Cluey Learning. Cluey Learning is selling a dream equivalent to a Bitcoin Scam. I wrote this to ensure that Australian investors do their proper research before losing more money in this venture.
If you want a copy of their investor presentation email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and we will send you a copy.
Recently, Cluey Learning has been trying to raise capital at an approximately $45 million valuation with less than $1 million Aud in sales. This translates to a 45x sales multiple which is as high as companies like Zoom which are already profitable, at massive scale, with a disruptive technology advantage (the world’s number 1 beneficiary of the Coronavirus disruptions arguably).
For some context, Kip McGrath has a valuation of $40 million and was founded 44 years ago and has revenue of $18 MM with $2.5 MM profit. Cluey Learning has been raising capital largely because of a lack of education technology expertise in the Australia market. This article should help to summarize why Cluey is a dangerous, speculative investment that will lose investors significant amount of money by only talking about their revenue and brushing over their growing operating losses.
There are a number of fundamental issues with the Cluey Learning business that are not being accurately described to prospective investors.
More info:
  1. Smart Investors Don’t Believe in Pure Tutoring Marketplaces: Tutoring marketplaces are poor businesses which sophisticated investors have largely stayed away from. People have tried and failed to monetize purely 1-1 online tutoring like and tutorspree which have all stopped operating. Companies like Eurekely in New Zealand have also tried and failed to monetize and have been unable to raise any external financing. Varsity Tutors, after raising much money, continues to be unprofitable with slowing growth rates and declines in investor confidence.
  2. Tutoring Marketplaces Haven’t Been Profitable: There are no large, profitable 1-1 tutoring marketplace businesses in the world. The world’s profitable, successful education companies include New Oriental, Tal Education Group and Benesse rely on large class sizes and premium brands which enable them to avoid the business of just matching students and tutors up and trying to capture a spread between them. Fast growing education technology companies such as Byjus monetize video content which has limited direct service costs. VIPKids has burnt through hundreds of millions of dollars of venture capital financing and is still not profitable and has had large issues fundraising in recent rounds despite the substantially more attractive backdrop of China which has more students with a higher willingness to pay and a much larger population and deeper adoption of tutoring and online learning offerings.
  3. Commonly Cited Examples of Success in Tutoring Are Misrepresentations: Chegg, a Silicon Valley company, talks a lot about its tutoring business but it does no paid acquisition marketing because it knows this is unprofitable and upsells tutoring to its database of leads that use its subscription homework services and subscription textbook services.
  4. Competition For Online Real Estate from Offline Players: Cluey Learning will, unless they dramatically change their advertised business, continue to lose money and lose progressively more money because the margin they can make from a student will continue to be less than they spend to acquire customers. Being online doesn’t give you any advantage acquiring students. KipMcGrath and other strong competitors continue to bid online for the same keywords that Cluey Learning is burning investor money on except Cluey has a far less economical business.
  5. Unprofitable Unit Economics: KipMcGrath charges students approximately 55/hour for a class of 4 students and pays the teacher around 25/hour. This gives a revenue of 220 and a cost of 25 with a margin of 89%. Cluey Learning may charge around $50 and pay the tutors $30 and take a <50% gross margin which is virtually impossible to make any profits once you pay acquisition costs of customers (ignoring even the cost of salaries)
  6. Huge Cashburn: Cluey Learning claims more than 160 employees on LinkedIn. If one assumes only 75 are full-time with an average salary of 100,000 the business is burning half a million or more a month. While Cluey can show more revenue by burning more money, this revenue is ultimately only being achieved by an unsustainable cash burn that the management team knows cannot easily change.
  7. Dramatically Overestimated Target Market: Cluey, despite a focus on Australia, is already claiming a massive valuation citing a huge tutoring market. This market simply doesn’t exist anywhere like the scale being asserted. If you add up the tutoring revenue of major players across Kip McGrath, Matrix Education, NumberWorks, Dux College and private tutoring the market probably is $50 million or less per year annually across all of Australia. Players like Kip McGrath have been in the market for 40+ years and have had to leave Australia and go to the UK and NZ to find more growth because of caps in the domestic market. Cluey is talking to investors about a 1 billion+ market which overestimates the market size by 20x or more.
  8. Cluey’s segment is particularly not growing fast: The highest spenders of tutoring tend to be from the Chinese-Australian community in Sydney at the competitive private schools. These students make up a significant amount of total revenue (Matrix alone is estimated to do $20 MM Aud of the revenue). These students prefer offline tutoring-in-general with highly specialized tutors. Cluey’s family centred, fun approach to learning targets a totally different demographic that is more akin to the students of Kip McGrath. As such they do miss and will continue to miss, the main segment of tutoring spending that is actually growing.
  9. The macroeconomic environment for fundraising is collapsing: A business that is structurally unprofitable and relies on more and more rounds of funding burning cash to acquire revenue will not be able to continue indefinitely. Softbank’s portfolio of struggling companies like Oyo and WeWork show this clearly.
More info:
Overall, Cluey Learning is not a fraudulent business by the definition of law. They can unknowingly make inaccurate claims about the market size. They can unknowingly have overly optimistic claims about their unit economics. Given the experience of the team at Cluey, it is unlikely they are unaware of how inaccurate some of these claims are but we can give them the benefit of the doubt.
The key message for investors is beware. Cluey is charging 45x their revenue last year for a business with a small target market size that isn’t growing very quickly, with a structurally unprofitable business model that has failed in far more attractive geographies and depending on investors who haven’t done proper research into their model to write the cheques to fund their multi-million dollar cash burn.
Investors beware.
It doesn't take any skill to spend your hard earned $1 to buy $0.50 cents of revenue, show all the fast revenue growth to the next investors to keep the ponzi scheme going. Ask to see their profits, their unit economics, their operating expenses and the truth will be blindingly obvious.
More info:
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Fast & Easy Ways To Buy Bitcoins From Coinmama

Fast & Easy Ways To Buy Bitcoins From Coinmama
Fast & Easy Ways To Buy Bitcoins From Coinmama

Fast & Easy Ways To Buy Bitcoins From Coinmama

Coinmama founded in the year 2013. It was created with the motto that the world can find an easy way to buy Bitcoins (BTC).
It is in practice over 190 countries and territories. Coinmama users can buy Bitcoin as well as five different cryptocurrencies, here listed Fast & Easy Ways To Buy Bitcoins From Coinmama
Types of cryptocurrencies
Ethereum (ETH)
Ethereum Classic (ETC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Monero (XMR)

Setting up your Coinmama account

To buy Bitcoins from Coinmama, first you have to set up your account.
As a start you have to register your email address and get verified for purchase.
In order to the risk management policy, Coinmama verifies all of its users' email acccunt for compliance with regulations.
If you are willing to have a fast and smooth verification process, then before account setup first you have to gather your government issued personal information such as a driver’s license or passport, your smartphone.
  1. To Register
Go to, and click “sign up”

Fast & Easy Ways To Buy Bitcoins From Coinmama

Enter your first and last name, your email address, password of your choice, and country of residence.
Then click create an account button.

Fast & Easy Ways To Buy Bitcoins From Coinmama

Check your registered email id there you will get an email link for verification, this link will acknowledge your owner identity.
Click that link in the email to complete the registration process.
2.Get Verified for Purchase
Enter here your personal information, including your full name and address, then click “Next.”

Fast & Easy Ways To Buy Bitcoins From Coinmama

Next step, you have to Upload a photo of your government-issued identification card. Upload both the front and back of your ID card.
Make sure that the image is clear.
Upload your recent photo, then click “Send for approval
Fast & Easy Ways To Buy Bitcoins From Coinmama

Here you can also add your selfie by ,uploading a photograph of yourself holding the paper as well as the ID you’ve just uploaded.
Your face, the ID, and the paper all need to be fully visible.

Fast & Easy Ways To Buy Bitcoins From Coinmama

After this step wait for some time until the coinmama verification team will review the information that you submitted.
If all your information is ok, then your identity should be verified in about fifteen minutes.
Once your account is verified, you’re ready to buy Bitcoin!

Place your first order

After the account set up and verification is complete, you can buy cryptocurrency with Coinmama.
You have options of different wallets to store your favorite cryptocurrency.
You need to just choose the crypto wallet that best suits your needs.
After choosing your Bitcoin wallet, think of which cryptocurrency you want to buy, and how much.

Choose your cryptocurrency

Log into your Coinmama account, then click “buy.”
You are now redirected to the “buy cryptocurrency” page.
From that dropdown menu, choose which cryptocurrency you’d like to purchase, and also the currency
Coinmama accepts all cryptocurrencies, but note that if your bank account is in a country that uses a currency other than USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, or CAD, you may be charged a foreign transaction fee by your bank
Choose an amount. You can select a package, or enter the fiat amount or crypto quantity you’d like to buy.
Then click “Buy now.”

Fast & Easy Ways To Buy Bitcoins From Coinmama

Add your Bitcoin wallet and payment details

Enter your cryptocurrency wallet address.
Keep in mind, different wallets are used to support different cryptocurrencies, so here if you buy Bitcoin, you’ll need a Bitcoin wallet.
For example If you buy Ethereum, then you’ll need an Ethereum wallet
If you have doubt with your cryptocurrency wallet address, try clicking on “receive funds” or something similar from your wallet provider’s application or website.
Each cryptocurrency wallet provider is different, so it’s best to contact them with any questions.

Select Carefully The Payment Method

You can choose your own payment method, to buy bitcoin
The options are, you can buy with credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.
Select your preferred payment method, then click the buy button.
Enter your payment details. Enter your credit card details if paying by credit or debit card.
If you pay via the bank transfer, then log onto your own online banking system and transfer the exact amount shown to the Coinmama bank details provided.
Bank transfers through the SEPA usually take 1-2 business days to post
while SWIFT bank transfers can take up to 3 business days.
Coinmama will be unable to lock the cryptocurrency rate on bank transfer orders until payment is received.

Confirm your cryptocurrency wallet address

Consequently, to confirm your wallet address, check your email link
If you buy Bitcoin with a credit card or debit card, you will receive your Bitcoin wallet confirmation link once your payment has been received.
If you pay with a bank transfer, the link will be in the order summary email.
Because wallets are hosted through third-party applications and providers,
Coinmama will not be able to retrieve any funds sent to the wrong address.
If everything looks ok, then click on the link to confirm.
Wait for your coins
You receive your bitcoins about 10-20 minutes, If you buy with a credit or debit card.
If you pay with a bank transfer, then it usually takes 1-3 business days to receive your bitcoins
Thats all you now owned your first Bitcoins from Coinmama
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Bitcoin Gemini Exchange Review 2020

Bitcoin Gemini Exchange Review 2020
If you are planning to place assets into cryptographic types of cash like Bitcoin or Ether, in any case, you do not understand where to start, this Gemini exchange review will help you with choosing.
Gemini Bitcoin Exchange Review 2020
You need yourself to be a productive advanced cash intermediary. By what technique will you become? To help you here's an exchange review, which will give every one of you the low down information required for a powerful enthusiasm for one of the most trusted in stages the Gemini Exchange.
We should find all the more right currently review
Gemini Review :
About Gemini Exchange
Twin kin developed Gemini Winklevoss in the year 2014. The Gemini exchange is arranged in New York. The Gemini crypto exchange is open in essentially all US states, similarly as UK, Canada, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong. In 2016, Gemini transformed into the world's recently approved Ether exchange.
It positions 82th greatest exchange on earth as showed by 24-hour volume on Coinmarketcap. While Gemini Bitcoin and Gemini Ethereum trading volumes are high, the exchange is endeavoring with all undertakings to fight with those stages offering a predominant piece of the cryptographic types of cash, for instance, Binance.
Reinforced Currencies
Gemini offers crypto to fiat portions and a BTC/ETH grandstand, which makes it a quick contender to any similarity to Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Kraken. At present, it is one of the most respected and ensure about exchanges open. This is in light of the fact that it has more features to help secure customers against developers. Also, it is one exchange for the CBOE Bitcoin future settlement. Gemini Mobile application is directly available, which is amazingly basic and versatile to use.
How to use Gemini?
1) Go to the official site and snap the "Register" tab on the upper right corner.
Enter your name, email address, and mystery word for your own record. While affirming your email address, it is critical to :
Affirm your email address and enter both your region and phone number, by then you can set up 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) which will be an additional layer of security to your record.
Incorporate your monetary equalization. Starting at now, Gemini recognizes simply bank moves and wires, as a methodology for putting away holds.
To check your record, move your organization ID proof. This will help you with executing and trade US Dollars. Moreover, it will help Gemini with as per the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) rules. The affirmation time may run from a couple to a couple of days.
Subsequent to completing of all the above strategies, you can use your record for financing.
gemini crypto exchange
2) Deposit Currency
In the Menu, click Transfer Funds, by then find a good pace Bank Transfer and Exchange. Enter the whole you have to store here. Moreover, note $500 consistently is the most extraordinary most extreme for Bank moves.
3) Trading Bitcoin and Ethereum
As you store by methods for bank move, they are quickly available for trading. you can purchase by encountering the menu and picking your supported trading pair. For example, for Bitcoin BTC/USD similarly as Ethereum ETH/USD.
In the wake of embeddings the expense and sum it will process your buy demand. There is another choice to trade by methods for the business community which has exhibit orders gave by various customers.
After the fulfillment of your purchase, your record will be acknowledged with your Ethereum just as Bitcoin purchases. You can sell your computerized cash on the Gemini crypto exchange. Regardless of the way that you can't make a withdrawal until your bank move has been completely arranged.
gemini sponsor organization
4)Trading Limits
By and by, For most trade strategies, there are no limitations on trades. In any case, Automated Clearing House (ACH) moves have the greatest store most remote purpose of $500 day and $15,000 consistently for singular record holders. Associations have a state of restriction for making ACH stores of $10,000 consistently or $300,000 consistently.
Gemini Marketplace
There is a Gemini business focus that runs 24*7. Here, you can have indistinguishable number of solicitations from you wish to have, with a variety of trading choices. These include:
Market Orders – With the present best open worth, the solicitations here starting dealing with quickly against resting orders.
Purpose of repression Orders – The sum is filled at or better than a given expense. The sum which isn't dispatched lays on the solicitation book diligently until it is filled or dropped.
Brief or Cancel (IOC) Limit Orders – The sum is filled at or better than a given expense. The sum which isn't filled rapidly is dropped and doesn't lay on the perpetual solicitation book.
Maker or Cancel (MOC) Limit Orders – The sum lays on the solicitation book continually at a foreordained expense. Furthermore, the entire solicitation is dropped if there is any sum that can be filled immediately.
All solicitations made on this stage are totally sponsored and fill in as a full hold exchange. In any case, there is no edge trading Gemini. Despite that, reliably the customer's record equality should have more balance than the exceptional excitement on demand books. Also, all open solicitations decline your available leveling until they are fulfilled or dropped
Gemini Fees
In the event that there ought to be an event of moves, Gemini crypto exchange has a low cost technique and stage customers can store Bitcoin, Ether, at freed from charges for both bank and wire moves. In any case, banks will charge a cost for the customers to wire money to their Gemini account. Withdrawals on the stage are free and all customers will have 30 free withdrawals for each calendar month.
Any withdrawals more than this total will pull in costs comparable to the mining charges payable on either sort out. The costs are around 0.001 BTC or 100,000 Satoshi per trade on the Bitcoin Network and 0 GWei or 0 ETH per trade on the Ethereum Network.
MakeTaker charges
0.25% is the trading costs for both sellers(makers) and buyers(takers). If it shows up at certain trade volumes, charges will be reduced. The maker charge is 0% for 30-day trading volumes that outperform 5,000 Bitcoin or 100,000 Ether. For a comparable trading entirety, the taker run after will bubble to 0.10%.
Gemini uses dynamic maker and taker charge or reimbursement timetable, and sellers can get reimbursement on liquidity-creation trades. The particular entireties depend upon net trading volumes and the buy and sell extent over a multi day time allotment. The data are adjusted as expected and more information on charges can be found here.
Concerning purchases, the base purchase whole for Bitcoin is 0.00001 BTC, or 1000 satoshis, for Ether, the base sum is 0 .001 ETH
Bitcoin Gemini Reviews, is a strong exchange that has a better than average reputation in everyone. The exchange goes about as a way into the universe of cryptographic cash trading. This may be in light of the fact that various customers first quit concerning purchasing Bitcoin and Ethereum. In comprehension to Coinbase, Gemini has a near space. Wherein it allows its customers to make trade clearly to and from their records.
Gemini is a not too bad choice, for people looking to securely trade either Bitcoin or Ethereum. The exchange is a potential decision for new competitors to the market similarly as logically settled sellers who like to make trades by methods for their monetary adjusts.
Latest News
Dec 17, 2019: Well realized cash related pro association State Street picked Gemini exchange for the new propelled asset pilot adventure.
Nov 19, 2019: Gemini exchange wanders into NFT's and acquired Nifty Gateway Solution, a phase to buy Non-Fungible Tokens.
Nov 14, 2019: The exchange added Stop-Limit to the solicitations being executed on the stage.
Sep 11, 2019: Gemini dispatches Gemini Custody with 18 cryptographic types of cash
Sep 5, 2019: Gemini Clearing™, a totally electronic clearing and settlement answer for off-exchange exhibited by the stage
Aud 27, 2019: Gemini Joins the Silvergate Exchange Network
Aug 22, 2019: Gemini loosens up and reaches to Australia
April 15, 2019: Gemini wallet support Segwit
Gemini Bitcoin Exchange Review
Rundown: How to Buy Bitcoins by means of Gemini
Register a record at Gemini and check email code sent to you.
Set up two-factor validation (2FA).
Give checked ID as a major aspect of the confirmation procedure.
Include ledger.
Store cash by clicking "Move Funds", "Store into Exchange" and afterward picking the sort of bank move.
Snap "Purchase" catch and round out the buy structure to get BTC.
Is Gemini Safe?
Gemini is extremely worried about its clients' wellbeing, in this manner it utilize three arrangements of security...
Gemini Comparison with Other Exchanget
To exchange bitcoins you have to initially peruse and think about various BTC trades...
In Which Countries Is Gemini Available?
You can arrange bitcoins through Gemini nearly in any nation, yet discover where you can't...
Guide: Buying BTCs at Gemini
It is anything but difficult to purchase bitcoins on Gemini trade, knowing the essential standards and prerequisites...
Discover to what extent the exchange takes, how to pull back BTCs and what strategies for...
Practically equivalent to Bitcoin Exchanges
We have arranged a rundown of trades, notwithstanding Gemini, that can assist you with requesting bitcoins...
With developing worth and system, bitcoin is ready to turn into the main online resource in the realm of ventures.
Gemini bitcoin trade survey
This article is worried about one of the most well known trades with regards to BTC exchange, Gemini.
What Is Gemini?
Gemini is one of the realized digital money trades that offer an assortment of exchange apparatuses for speculators that have some involvement with the business. The organization that claims the stage is enrolled as LLC in New York State, USA, offering USD to BTC and USD to ETH exchange trade.
Purchase BTC at Gemini
Propelled in 2015, Gemini offers two unmistakable commercial centers, them being:
customary trade administrations;
bitcoin barters.
Upon its appearance, the stage offered its administrations in the US just, bit by bit including different nations all the while. The organization is possessed by the Winklevoss twins, who guarantee that they are have about 1% of the complete BTC volume.
Winklevoss siblings are Gemini's proprietors
Gemini Security
With regards to the wellbeing of your assets, Gemini applies three arrangements of safety efforts that should be referenced. To start with, the stage applies advanced money safety efforts by offering hot and cold stockpiling wallets, where cold wallets have multisig capacities to forestall hacking endeavors at your equalizations.
Gemini security
The subsequent measure is identified with the exchange where the entirety of the exchanges at Gemini are led through pre-financed accounts, implying that merchants and purchasers can't post orders on the off chance that they don't have adequate BTC or fiat monetary forms in their parities. Finally, the site security comprises of two-factor verification (2FA) and HTTP encryption of all data in regards to merchants and stage's exchanges from outsiders.
Accessible Payment Methods
As of now, Gemini acknowledges stores communicated distinctly in ACH (for US dealers) and wire moves (for every other person) communicated in USD. Credit or check cards, money stores, PayPal and numerous different alternatives are wanted to be remembered for the future however are not accessible at the present time.
Buy bitcoin by means of wire move
You ought to buy in to the Gemini news source since the organization will promote the new store strategy through that channel of correspondence.
Shouldn't something be said about Fees?
While saving or pulling back your assets communicated in fiat or computerized monetary forms, dealers would find that the administrations are done totally free. Then again, Gemini charges exchange expenses are charged dependent on a month to month net exchange volume. Taker charges can extend from 0.15% to 0.25% while creator expenses from 0% to 0.25%.
Expenses at the trade
Does Gemini Have Limits?
Cryptographic money and wire stores and withdrawals don't have any constraints forced on dealers, implying that in the event that you utilize the said administrations, you can buy, sell and pull back bitcoins with no deterrents. Singular American financial specialists utilizing ACH move, then again, have $500 every day and $15.000 month to month while institutional individuals have $10.000 day by day and $300.000 month to month store limits.
No restrictions for purchasing bitcoin
Gemini Comparison
When thinking about exchanging at any trade, you should hope to analyze the administrations, expenses and impediments with other comparative stages. In this manner, we have assembled an examination investigation where we benchmarked Gemini against two other well known decisions with regards to BTC buy: Kraken and Coinbase.
Gemini versus Kraken
Kraken, much the same as Gemini, acknowledges bank moves just, with the significant contrast being that Kraken permits 5 fiat cash stores. Notwithstanding bitcoin, there are 14 more altcoins that you can exchange with at Kraken while the two trades force check on their customers as they are both controlled organizations.
Gemini versus Kraken
Kraken is fundamentally the same as Gemini as far as expenses, as creatotaker charges go somewhere in the range of 0% and 0.26%. Bank moves do accompany little expenses at Kraken while Gemini acknowledges stores for nothing. In conclusion, while Gemini exchanges two or three nations in particular, Kraken is all around accessible.
Coinbase versus Gemini
Coinbase is viewed as one of the biggest bitcoin suppliers on the planet, offering its administrations in 32 nations, USA notwithstanding. The installment strategies at Coinbase are PayPal, bank moves and credit/check cards, two more than Gemini.
Request bitcoins by means of Coinbase trade
Confirmation is an absolute necessity have at Coinbase, much like in Gemini while expenses are a ton lower at Gemini, as you pay between 1.49% to 3.49% from exchange's an incentive at Coinbase. The two trades offer BTC vaults and wallet administrations while Coinbase additionally exchanges with Litecoin which are inaccessible at Gemini.
Gemini BTC Exchange in Different Countries
Gemini's administrations are accessible in a bunch of nations around the globe, them being the US (5 states not upheld), Canada, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Kingdom. The five US expresses that are not bolstered are Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Oregon and Wisconsin.
Gemini trade in various nations
Is It Legal?
Gemini is an American LLC that adheres to New York Banking Law guidelines, actualizing BSA (Bank Secrecy Act) and AML (Anti-Money Laundry Compliance Program) arrangements, implying that customary reviews of the BSA/AML programs are being executed. Moreover, the firm requires all merchants to have reserves pre-saved before the exchange.
Bitcoin Gemini Price, is legitimate
Another significant factor of the stage's lawfulness is the way that since its beginning, Gemini has promptly accessible money related report dating 7 years back.
Does Gemini Support Its Customers?
Concerning the client service, Gemini has a thorough FAQ page where a large portion of the exchanging questions have been replied. Notwithstanding the FAQ, you can likewise top off a shape and present a solicitation to the Gemini group with respect to any issue that you may look on the stage.
Gemini client service
Because of the regular upkeep of the site's administrations, Gemini has a "Status" page where financial specialists can see which administrations and API instruments are working right now and which are definitely not.
Manual for Buy Bitcoins from Gemini
When you have gotten the cash at your Gemini account, click "Purchase" button on the dashboard page.
Buy page for bitcoins at Gemini
Presently, round out the structure on the right, giving request type, volume or estimation of BTC you wish to get and click "Purchase" to get bitcoins in your record immediately. Try to check the BTC cost at the upper left piece of the "Purchase" page to ensure it has not changed at the time you have begun the buy procedure.
It is totally allowed to enroll a record at Gemini bitcoin trade and the procedure begins once you click "Register" button at the upper right corner of the site. Give your complete name, email address and secret key in subsequent stage and snap "Make My Account".
Make account at Gemini
You will get an email code which you should duplicate glue into the Gemini's check page.
Contribution of enactment code on Bitcoin Gemini Registration
The accompanying advances will open up for you to finish, in this way you have to arrangement your 2FA security apparatus, include a financial balance and give checked ID to finish the enrollment methodology.
To what extent Should I Wait for Verification?
Check stage can take between an hour and a day, contingent upon various enlistment applications Gemini has right now you have begun the procedure. You ought to set up every single essential report before you start and arm yourself with persistence as a stage would set aside effort to process your data.
Confirmation process at Gemini
Would you be able to Get Bitcoins Without Verification?
At the enlistment page, you are required to check your personality and frog your financial balance. When you have presented the records, you can't enter the stage's exchange page until the help affirms your subtleties. In this way, it is unimaginable to expect to buy supply of bitcoins without confirmation.
Obligatory confirmation before purchasing BTCs at Gemini
How to Add Money to Account?
When you have finished the enrollment and confirmation of your record, click button "Move Funds", situated in the top segment of your dashboard page. In following stage, click "Store Into Exchange" and pick either USD or Wire alternative, contingent upon what financial balance you have included at enrollment stage.
Add assets to Gemini account
You can likewise store bitcoins in your Gemini wallet too.
Store BTCs in the Gemini wallet
At the last phase of wire move subsidizing process, you have to give bank's wiring data, for example, your record number and other significant data that can be found by clicking "Bank Settings".
Give bank's wiring data
When data has been given, basically click "Store" button which will show up at the base of the page.
Secure Your Account
Keep the entirety of your record and wallet passwords out of the programmer's compass by continually evolving them. Monitor the new secret key by keeping in touch with them down on a bit of paper as to not overlook them meanwhile.
Record with 2FA on trade
You as of now have 2FA from the enlistment stage and don't give your private data to some other dealer on the stage.
To what extent Does It Take to Make Transaction?
It takes 4 to 5 days to store assets in your Gemini account while exchanges themselves are done following you the exchange started. Diverse request types have distinctive length, contingent upon what dealer wishes to accomplish.
Sitting tight for exchanges on the trade
Would i be able to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal at Gemini?
Now, brokers can't utilize PayPal as store technique at Gemini. You ought to buy in to the trade's news channel as to get warnings if the strategy opens up to store alternative later on.
Does Gemini Have a BTC Wallet?
The stage offers two kinds of wallet administrations, one being "hot" wallet and another being vault stockpiling. Both are based just, with the principle contrast being that vault stockpiling gives extra security keys that are utilized while moving bitcoins all through the wallet. Along these lines, vault administrations are esteemed as more secure than the standard BTC wallet.
Gemini wallet
Pulling back Your Bitcoins from Gemini
At the dashboard page, click "Move Funds" and afterward "Pull back From Exchange" to begin the procedure. Pick bitcoins to continue towards the withdrawal structure. Determine the measure of BTC you with to escape the trade and give your wallet address. Snap "Survey Withdrawal" and check the data. When you are fulfilled, click "Affirm" to end the procedure. Your coins will show up inside 24 hours to your ideal area.
Pull back BTC from Gemini
Instructions to Order BTC with Credit/Debit Card at Gemini
As with PayPal, it is preposterous to expect to buy bitcoins with the assistance of credit or charge cards at Gemini, since the choice isn't accessible right now. Stay aware of trade's news and declarations as the CC/DC choice may open up later on.
Gemini Mobile App
Portable stages are yet to be created by Gemini, implying that exchange is accessible on perusing stage as it were. Watch out for the declaration, as the organization may make the push towards telephone exchange not so distant future.
Purchase BTC just on Gemini perusing stage
Gemini Analogs
Aside from Gemini, we at BitcoinBestBuy have checked on numerous different stages that can assist you with getting bitcoins effectively and securely. They all change regarding local accessibility, expenses, buy strategies and confirmation necessities, so make a point to check different articles also.
Get BTC at digital money stages
Coinbase Exchange Review
Being one of the biggest BTC exchanging stages the world, we made a survey of their charges, store choices and other important data with respect to the trade. We have likewise given bit by bit controls on the best way to buy and pull back assets and coins from Coinbase.
Coinbase survey
Full Review Coinbase Bitcoin Gemini Exchange
Find out About Kraken
Kraken is another trade that offers bitcoins through bank moves and its administrations are all inclusive accessible. We made a survey of Kraken's advantages and disadvantages, giving our customers a diagram of the trade as far as expenses the organization charges, check prerequisites and buy procedures of the stage.
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How I’ve lost everything

I’m only 25 this year, ever since I was young, I’ve always loved to gamble, take risks, doing dares anything that ever involves the chance to win / lose! The greater the risk the more intense it gets, but i never back down or run. When i first turned 18 the legal age to gamble in Australia, I visited Crown Casino, placing small bets winning and losing, it was all for pure entertainment and just loved every moment i was there. As the years passed, my bets got bigger, when i started earning more money i started betting bigger, I’ve gambled on everything, sportsbet bet, bitcoin, bitmex, plus500, stocks, everything you can think of, even runescape ! Looking back I’ve lost over $300,000 aud, it’s a lot of money, I’ve worked so hard yet all i did was gamble away that money! Over 40k in debts, credit card, personal loans, friends everything! It’s bad losing my own money, but this year it spiralled down hill, my family sold our house to start a family restaurant, we all committed hard working up to 80-90hrs per week. Everyone’s so committed, they all trust me to handle all the family funds and yet I’ve managed to lose everything, our entire house saving sold invested into our restaurant, it’s been almost a year we should have made over $150,000 yet instead of that + house savings when i check my account there is only 50k debt, I cannot tell anyone the truth, it would destroy us my family our work our future, I’ve promised to quit so many times, I’ve fully excluded myself from all online bookies, then found bitcoin, lost 50k + on that then closed my account, to lose 30k + on runescape, 100k at casino I dunno how i can live anymore!
I don’t want my family to find out, I don’t want to break everything we’ve worked for, I just want to start again but I’m not sure how, with so much debt and family planning to buy a house, what can i do, the truth will destroy everything! My family cannot handle such a big shock, this year alone is where I’ve lost everything! I regret it so much, telling the truth is impossible! I have promised to quit this time once and for all 110% dedicate my time into our business and build it, but if the truth comes out when we try to buy our new house they will be broken. I’m trying to fight my depression and regrets all alone it’s hard
Don’t gamble guys, it’s not worth it, little entertainment is not worth a life time of regrets and breaking those closest to you!
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Australians, you need to start buying as much crypto as you can.

I’m Australian, this isn’t meant to be an alarmist or sensationalist post, but the economic situation in our country is a lot more serious than most of us think.
First off, the current economic situation.
Simply put, our economy is fucked. Our housing market is dangerously overleveraged and because of policies by our government at the time, we never experienced the correction the US and most of the rest of the world did during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. And now the chickens are coming home to roost. Australians are up to their eyeballs in debt, almost half of the housing loans are interest only, it’s the reason the Reserve Bank of Australia hasn’t raised the interest rates since 2016. Because as soon as they do, even by 0.01%, tens of thousands of Australians are going to default on their mortgages. It’s no secret that our housing market is one of the most expensive in the world, and anyone living in our country already knows this. The market value of Australian homes is 4 times the GDP of the country. Our housing market is beyond the point of saving and the bubble is about to pop. And while our mainstream media is trying to convince us that it will deflate slowly, history paints a different picture.
And that’s just the start of our problems. It’s no secret that China is our biggest trading partner. We rely on China more than any other developed country in the world. And what is currently happening on the greater global stage? Our most important military ally has engaged in a trade war with China, and the effects of that trade war are starting to be felt. Chinese stocks are in freefall, and that’s only going to be the beginning of the negative effects from Trump’s hardline approach to dealing with China. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this is going to have a devastating effect on our economy.
Our biggest trading partner is having a financial gunfight with the USA, which is going to result in them buying less of our stuff. And still that isn’t the end of it. Mining is down. Commodities prices are down. Our manufacturing sector is almost dead. The only thing we have going for us at the moment is agriculture and that can’t prop up the entire economy. You wanna turn white? Read this article from last year. Our economy is teetering on the precipice.
You think I’m being dramatic? Well even the Australian MSM can no longer ignore it. With articles like this appearing almost on the daily. Our dollar is in serious trouble, anyone who knows the slightest bit about TA go look at the graphs in that article. Our country is in serious economic trouble. And we don’t know shit about it because our media is a duopoly that makes most of its money from their real estate arms. All signs are pointing to our dollar about to be worth a hell of a lot less than it currently is.
What can we do?
Since this is the crypto subreddit the solution to this impending economic shitstorm should be painfully obvious. Buy fucking Bitcoin. Not the solution for the country, for you. The country isn’t going to do shit for anyone of us except saddle us with debt and a cooked economy that is going to take generations to get out of, if ever. So we should be diversifying. Sure buying gold probably isn’t a stupid idea either, but if you think that is proof against state intervention, read a history book. Even then, gold still needs to be converted into cash to be useful, and anyone paying attention can see that Australia is gearing up for a war on cash that borders on tyrannical. The only way for us as individuals to protect our wealth at the moment is to convert it into cryptocurrency.
But Bitcoin is low at the moment!
No shit. But if you think it’s going to stay that way you are 1. In the wrong subreddit, and 2. No paying attention to the macro factors of crypto. Wall St is gearing up to enter. The bank that runs the world is getting involved. And not just American banks. Bitcoin may be low now but if you know anything about market cycles, you know that it’ll be back. Here is a good comparison of BTC a few years ago as opposed to now. It’s almost at the point where it’s irresponsible not to be buying bitcoin, and I’m not the only one that holds this opinion. Worst case scenario, bitcoin falls to USD 3k. What do you think is going to happen after that? Bitcoin and crypto aren’t going anywhere and you’re kidding yourself if you think that the value of bitcoin isn’t going to be much higher in the years to come.
Of course the RBA is telling people that Bitcoin is dead, probably because they don’t want Australians to dump their soon to be worthless fiat currency. In fact one any given day you’ll see a bunch of anti-crypto propaganda on our MSM. The same MSM that has been telling us all to buy as many houses as we can for the last 20 years. The same MSM that up until now hasn’t said shit about the direction our economy is heading in.
The writing’s on the wall people. If we keep our wealth in AUD it’s going to be worth considerably less sooner rather than later. Our property sector is going to crash, our dollar is going to crash, our personal wealth is going to be stripped away from us. If you want to avoid this, if you want to protect your wealth, ensure a future that isn’t financial hardship, then we really only have one choice. Buy bitcoin. Personally I am converting half my pay each week into BTC and just holding it. Not putting it into alts. Just btc. I’d advise you do the same as well. I understand that this sounds super risky. But if you read the articles I’ve linked to in this post I’m sure you’ll see that the only risky move is doing nothing. This isn’t a joke or a false alarm. The notion that our economy has always been fine up until now isn’t valid anymore. If you want to protect your personal wealth and purchasing power in the next few years, you really should be buying as much btc as you can while it is this low. This is what crypto is for, avoiding the negative financial downturns of specific countries. It’s a globally traded commodity that is accessible by anyone with a computer. Our economy tanking isn’t going to affect the price one bit.
I hope some of this has been useful. Listen to me, don’t listen to me, it’s your choice. But this is the digital age, there’s no excuse for ignorance anymore.
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I brought up Ripple and my parents recognised the name from Ellen, so I wrote them this email.

Ripple created a digital asset called XRP, the intention was to create an asset that could be transacted more efficiently than current global payment systems are able to do. XRP settles all payments in 4 seconds, for 0.00001 XRP (0.03c), and is far more energy efficient than the current system. XRP is transacted through the blockchain but is private and has a 0% error rate.
But none of that really matters. XRP just the asset, and like all assets, it holds value. Right now, the market value of 1 XRP is 0.2943c.
Let’s break down what the Company Ripple is doing.
Ripple has three major projects xVia, xCurrent and xRapid.
xCurrent is an end-to-end tracking and messaging system that allows banks to communicate in real-time. This is an automated process that ensures all payments are properly tracked and accounted for.
xRapid is the program that uses XRP, when banks want to send global payments xRapid sources liquidity from XRP in the first market (AUD) and then sells the XRP in the new market (USD). This lowers the cost of the transaction, increases the speed and reduces the risk of holding some currencies.
xVia, this software is what brings it all together. XVia acts like a plugin on chrome. All you have to do is install it. The Chrome interface is the same and you didn’t have to retrain or learn anything new, but you have the added functionality.
Today, Ripples’ Global Head of Strategic Accounts Marcus Treacher announced that Ripple has signed over 100 production contracts. Meaning that over 100 Banks/finical institutions are or will use Ripple technology. Some customers include MUFG, Santander, Westpac & American Express.
Earlier this year Ripples CTO left and founded Coil. Coil pays content creators like Youtubers, Authors and Bloggers for the time people spend viewing the content. Right now, it is hard to for independent content creators to earn an income from their work, but coil solves this. Coil uses XRP to pay content creators as regular payment solutions would make it uneconomical.
The programs that use XRP (xRapid and Coil) haven’t been launched yet but are expected to later this year Q3 – Q4.
On October 1st, 2018 Ripple is hosting an event called Swell and it “brings together leaders in banking and blockchain who are committed to changing the way the world moves money today”.
Swell is going to be MASSIVE.
Here are some of the key speakers at Swell (an event run by, and about Ripple)
• President Bill Clinton
• Gene Sperling
· National Economic Council Director and National Economic Advisor
· (1996-2001, 2011-2014
• Ed Metzger
· Head of Innovation at Banco Santander
§  Banco Santander is the ninth-largest financial service company
• Richard Teng
• CEO of Abu Dhabi Global Markets
Those are just the people speaking the event is going to be packed with the world’s wealthiest and influential people in the financial sector.
So why do I care about this?
The price of XRP like most assets is determined by demand. When more people want it, the price goes up. During the last Cryptocurrency explosion, Ripple reached above $3 per XRP if someone had bought 1000 XRP for $300 they would have made a profit of around $2700.
$2700 is a lot of money but why didn’t it go higher?
Here are 3 reasons
Reason 1: There wasn’t enough liquidity in the market. There simply weren’t enough platforms that allowed users to buy and sell. Brokers had to close registrations because they couldn’t handle the capacity.
Since January 2018 dozens of trading platforms and wallets have been launched. (capital is not investing like that into collapsing markets)
Reason 2: The price of XRP has been/is tied to the price of Bitcoin. This is because Bitcoin has a 54% dominance over other cryptocurrencies. Meaning the market value of Bitcoin is 54% higher than the rest of the market combined. Therefore, when the sentiment of Bitcoin falls, and people sell (decreasing demand) the demand for XRP also falls.
XRP is no longer ‘just another cryptocurrency’. This kind of innovation and implementation is unlike anything else in the space. XRP is about to completely blow up in value and it’s only a matter of time.
Reason 3: There wasn’t a strong proof of concept. The technology was their but no one new how it was going to be used or what to do with it. People wanted to buy XRP for the value, but there was no value without utilisation of the coin.
This is solved with the development of xRapid and Coil.
I wouldn’t give you investment advice because nothing is a guarantee and the price of XRP could go to 0 but if you want to know anything more about it or want help investing let me know. It’s impossible to predict how high the price of XRP is going to go but predictions range anywhere from $8 to $589 but most point to a ~$50 price.
If you invested $100 and the price went to
• $8 ~ $2600
• $50 ~ $16 600
• $580 ~ $193 300
If you invest $500 and the price went to
• $8 ~ $13 300
• $50 ~ $83 300
• $580 ~ $966 600
Would this be good to send to my parents? They know about Ripple from the appearance on Ellen so I decided to follow up and educated them on it. How many of you are trying to spread the word?
  1. Ripple didn’t make XRP... that’s embarrassing. It’s strange how much of the XRP community believes that they did.
  2. Price predictions are dumb
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Interesting payment stats in Oz

In light of recent claims about BCH's dominance in Australia, I was curious as to how a site called 'livingroomofsatoshi' was (or is) doing. They have payment data on bill payments, though it only looks like it lasts 24 hours. Either way... here's some quick stats:
(Just dropped the data into Excel and used a quick filter)
  1. BTC payments: 89 (total value $161,300 AUD).
  2. BCH payments: 1 ($110 AUD).
  3. BSV payments: 8 (total value $4,186 AUD).
  4. LN payments: 1 ($30 AUD).
Some general observations.
A. BCH doesn't look like it's King in Australia, despite what some people say. In fact only one BCH payment in that period. I expected more, but this is the data.
B. As much as LN is hyped up, no one using it. I'm surprised the $30 AUD payment routed successfully.
C. The number of BSV payments is not huge, but I checked the same site a month or two ago and back then there was maybe 1 or 2 at the most, so it's some kind of growth, perhaps. I haven't checked often enough to make a real claim here either way.
EDIT1: I didn't notice, but actually 2 BTC payments account for $100,000 AUD.
18 hours ago Citibank Payment Bitcoin $50000.00
18 hours ago Citibank Payment Bitcoin $50000.00
So BSV out-performing BTC in both number of Tx and value of Tx, relative to the price differential.
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