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Mapping the mind simulation (and how to save the worlds)

Mapping the mind simulation (and how to save the worlds)

The most ineffective thing you can do as an activist is try to change the world. Knowledge is power, and therefore the modern human is controlled through ignorance. Slavery is achieved by trapping the mind in an arbitrary reality tunnel composed of unwholesome memes. The simulated reality is so far from truth that agency is robbed from every intention. Every thought has a false premise.
The dream state, which now holds most of the world prisoner, blankets us all in depression. This feeling of powerlessness and apathy towards living is a direct result of processing a reality so far from the truth. Depression is the feeling that all possibilities have been extinguished from the current perspective. No one is to blame for this, and we all have the power to face the truth of our existence. Our suffering will continue to intensify until we take responsibility for ourselves.
Ignorance of our full potential chains us to cycles of destruction and suffering. The greatest treasure of the whole universe is now available to each of us. Initiation into the higher realms of existence is your birthright. The keys to the kingdom, and our collective evolution, have escaped the control of the renegade priest class. You are the hero the world needs, and your freedom is a priceless gift to us all.
Before we continue, I would like to offer the reader some contextual details about this writing. I originally intended for it to be just another essay in the series, but it was going so great that I had to continue the brain dump well past a reasonable length. This turned out to be a pretty good outline for the book I am currently working on through this series of essays. This might be the most life-changing thing you read all year. Even so, the final sections have been quickly summarized to perfectly segue into my next works which are now almost completed. I have numbered the paragraphs for reading and discussion convenience.
4 The upliftment and evolution of our species is a process that concerns every single living creature on this planet. The power of the elite is confined to the dream state; they do not have the power to change the world. The human body is a universal machine, built to navigate the cosmos. Once unleashed from the confines of simulated reality we become more powerful and more valuable to each other than any machine or treasure ever known. This is your destiny.
5 We all share this great potential, but we each have our own unique journey and experiences. Our path in life has shaped our own unique perspective on reality, and our material conditions and abilities. Life on earth is a complete mess, but we share much in common which is the root cause of our daily struggles. The culture of domination and helpless mediation is now a global phenomenon. Our individual struggle for freedom is a collective struggle.
6 Mass initiation into higher realms of existence is the only critical activism. All of society’s institutions emerge from the collective consciousness of the individual. The only way to change the world is to change the individual: yourself. New and wonderful culture then emerges, but it can only be recognized and fully participated in by the Others. This is the most critical and urgent challenge our species has ever faced.
7 Reality as we perceive it doesn’t really exist. The mind objectifies complex processes into a simulation which is overlaid upon the senses. Objectification is a shortcut which precludes looking deeply into anything. We treat our world like a rational computer, and we program ourselves within it. This is how we rationalize the exploitation of our own body and accept programming from others.
8 We treat our body as an object by identifying ourselves as objects: a religion, an employee, a gang, a race, a country. We subject ourselves and others to this categorical judgement with guilt and shame. These programs give our power and authority to the dream states which they create. One who conforms to an identity is not an individual, but is very divided. Bound to identity, they interact with a tribal consciousness, as if wearing govcorp skinsuits, oblivious to the beings behind the masks.
9 The strategy of divide and conquer can be seen in full effect all around the world. A population in constant conflict with each other remains weak and powerless; so easy to manipulate. Through clinging to our own identities and tribes, we project onto others the assumption that they do the same. Navigation by judgement leaves us completely blind to the real human beings behind the whitewash of the minds objectifications. Nothing could be more foreign to such views than an individual who identifies with no tribe but the one tribe, and who assumes full responsibility for themselves.
10 Individual sovereignty and self-ownership is the hallmark of a liberated, or awakened, individual. The false idea of the self and its anxieties over life give way to a body, with feelings and experiences. So much irrational fear dies, along with the simplified version of life the mind was clinging to. A great oneness may be experienced beyond the divisions of the mind, and reality may be perceived beyond space and time. This individual can no longer be programmed and controlled by fiat memes.
11 Fiat memes treat the self and others as objects, diverging from natural isomorphisms, without awareness or consideration for the resultant experiences. Fiat memes are inherently parasitic as the entire body, its feelings and experiences are cut off in favor of the mind’s ungrounded object-oriented reality. Govcorp skinsuit identities exploit this fiat reality tunnel to harness the power of the individual with alien motives of the dream state. Initiation through the body is the only innoculation against this meaningless exploitation of the self and others. We have enslaved ourselves, and this unconsciousness threatens to annihilate our humanity, if not our species.
12 The body is the master gateway. It is guarded by a self object, or false ego, which fears its own annihilation above all else. To experience and perceive the body beyond this simplistic objectification of the mind is to question the reality of all objects including the self. The parasitic memes which exploited the self object, to motivate the body, lost their grip on the host, leaving a great freedom in their wake, but also great new responsibilities. New gifts and abilities of the body become active which enable us to navigate this more universal reality.
13 The self object is the nexus of programming through which the mind dominates the body. Psychosocial attacks such as intimidation or being called ugly or stupid may permanently depress the behavior and health of a body dominated by mind. Foreign powers also employ and exploit the body through the govcorp skinsuit identity mechanism, or through more primitive and localized forms of this tribal consciousness, manifesting in family or social drama and power dynamics. These conflicting and harmful identities pull the body through life, like a puppet suspended by many strings. It is impossible to directly relate to a body dominated in this way by mind because the self is mediated by skinsuit, and deeper beyond this shallow identity is a great unexplored emptiness.
14 A civilization dominated by tribal consciousness programs the self to accept external authority and motivation. We unconsciously accept our reality tunnel and identities as the matter-of-fact reality and believe that nothing can be done about them. The body is propelled through the mind’s pinball machine, unaware of itself and its full potential to participate in creation. A society of such alien and unconscious motives teaches and rewards submission and dependence on extreme mediation. By knowing the body beyond mind we are able to open our hearts and directly relate to each other with original authority beyond skinsuit mediation.
15 We can not be told what to do; each of us has a unique situation to navigate. While it is possible to be programmed with wholesome culture, initiation through the body is required to judge it as such. Everything we do has to be questioned, there is just too much for anyone but yourself to tell you what to do. By discovering our own power and authority within, we become an individual, capable of recognizing alien motives which weaken and divide us. As individuals, we can also recognize the wholesome cultural geometries which emerge from a society of peers.
16 It is not necessary or even possible to change all at once. Only in recent millennia has our species began to awaken from the dreams of animal life to individual consciousness. And only in recent centuries has a critical mass of this consciousness begun to overcome the weaponized ignorance that the renegade priest class has used to harness our power to the dream state. We are very advanced along the program of uprooting which holds our physical bodies captive to extreme mediation. By recognizing the conditions to the existence of our body, we become aware of a great cultural void and understand the need for our collective healing which is well underway.
17 Awareness of the body reveals the deep scarring of generational trauma which we continue to inflict on ourselves. The culture of domination and submission to external authority within each of us continues to keep us divided and conquered by anti-human motives. Alienated from each other, we unconsciously choose competition over cooperation, exporting suffering and scarcity upon those less fortunate. To love the other we must first love our self, and to love our self we must directly feel and experience and know the body beyond the mind’s reality simulation. With heart open and mind aware, the empathic journey to the Others is incredibly painful, but necessary for the process of healing and the higher evolution of our species.
18 It is very difficult for most of us to find meaningful human connections with each other. Our bodies are pushed through life in the bondage of fake identities. Behind the masks we wear there is hidden trauma of domination too painful to uncover and confront. Deep in the dark dungeon of our minds we still hold captive the innocent inner child we once were. Like a pedophile’s wet dream, the body is completely dependent on the alien skinsuit, unable to resist, and no fight left in those dead eyes.
19 It’s a sort of cosmic irony that healing from trauma is how we become more whole and universal. Those who are too comfortable remain the least likely to transform themselves. On the other hand, we are taught to drown our pain and anxiety with drugs and alcohol, rather than confront the existential emergency of our captive body. Blessed with experience to awaken from the long fever dream, and reborn with limitless potential, we are cursed to see those dead eyes of our brothers and sisters who would build a new world with us. Thankfully our numbers are growing exponentially as planetary suffering accelerates in this late stage of tribal capitalism.
20 It is disturbing to notice the stunning precision of the physical and mental matrix. It has hijacked our spectacle of reality, the rational experience of objects and their events, and completely mediated our being with parasitic programming. All vulnerabilities have been methodically exploited to ensure we are kept so far from the possibility of awakening to self-awareness. Even so, it would be foolish and irresponsible to entertain conspiracy theories of total world domination by the few. These systems emerge and evolve through replication of simple programs at the root of our common behaviors.
21 We are personally held hostage to this programming until proper initiation of the individual has taken place. Then we are held hostage by the unconscious captivity of those around us. The truth sets you free, but many are stuck along the way to varying degrees. The simulation which most of us are running without choice selects for and rewards low-empathy actors and behaviors. It is important to realize that the vast majority of individuals at various levels of wealth and power within the simulation are innocent at heart but remain captivated and motivated by ignorance.
22 A very small percentage of humanity is actually incapable of experiencing empathy for others. This decreased internal resistance to dominating, exploiting, and even harming or killing others is selected for by rewarding the most sociopathic and homicidal of us with wealth and power in the dream state. The most grotesque concentrations of wealth and power, including those within govcorp and shadow govcorp, are held almost exclusively by this minority. Cultures and religions have emerged long ago to codify and legitimize the natural order of deception and exploitation, which we as tribal animals were not yet ready to transcend. Virtually all cultures and religions since then have been compromised by this order.
23 The vast majority of humans on this planet are gentle and compassionate beings who want to live in peace. These ideals are in direct conflict with our own actual behaviors which unconsciously sustain our collective exploitation and destruction. Most of our recent evolution has shaped us into very social and cooperative beings, contrary to our current programming which is leaving us isolated and empty inside. The identities which we execute within these arbitrary reality tunnels bind us in slavery to modern-day pyramid schemes. We are now responsible for a new grand conspiracy in which love grants the courage to open our hearts to each other and unleash the holocultural society.
24 The key to understanding the difference between a network and a hierarchy lies within the individual. Hierarchies are formed by chains of command and control, in other words, individual authority is mediated by a management structure. Individuals acting within a network remain autonomous and peer directly with each other to their full capacity. Hierarchies are unable to utilize even a small fraction of the individual’s true potential in society. Being totally occupied with a simple specialty, the roots of existence are scattered from the body like bloody entrails which nourish the parasitic skinsuits.
25 Hierarchies are said to be efficient, but efficient at what? Profit is an alien motive, divorced from the needs of the host bodies. The only needs to be satisfied are those which can be exploited to further the concentration of power. The uninitiated body, being vulnerable to deceptive spectacle, is unable to distinguish substance from appearance, and selects from govcorp an increasingly hollow and unsatisfying existence. With the poverty of this alien function clearly exposed, the network is waking up out of pure necessity to meet the real human needs that the dream state cannot.
26 As a living organism, the body does not simply end at the skin. There is a continuous flow with the environment which is required to sustain the body. All phenomena which we experience are conditioned upon long chains of conditions of increasing complexity through the environment, through our body, our mind, and up to the reality simulation we use to navigate this continuous flow. Our most basic roots into the earth include breathing, sheltering, and obtaining food and water. Taking these for granted may lead to death of the body.
27 By securing access to these basic needs, outside of the dream state, it becomes possible to free the body of alien motives without incurring death. The ideal is to bring these roots back under the direct influence of the individual, but in practice we need to rely partly on community with others. As a society, we can observe this transition in the awareness and demand to buy local food, as well as personal food gardens and meal preparation. Decentralization, or disintermediation, is a process of becoming whole again, independent of foreign influence and control. Like returning a farm animal to the wild, there is much to learn and prepare, as well as an angry farmer to deal with.
28 Food literally grows on trees. Nature already does most of the work for us, and automation is increasingly doing the rest. Everyone has to eat food, and so the replication and improvement of efficient farming and gardening techniques is a critical activity which benefits everyone. By directing the bounty of this infrastructure towards local human needs, instead of alien extraction, abundance is eventually realized. Global supply chains are unable to compete in areas where local supply is overwhelming the demand.
29 Ownership of private property including land and the means of production to satisfy needs is a natural right. The schemes and institutions of govcorp fail to satisfy the needs of the vast majority because the prime directive is power over others at all cost. It is up to individuals to recognize our common struggle and share their talents and resources to lift up those around them. The farmers of men know well that dividing us from each other through fear is the key to our control. As we open our hearts to each other and begin to realize our true potential, the real face of terror will be seen in the death-throes of the govcorp dream state.
30 Power in the dream state derives from the ability to control and manipulate others. Vast concentrations of wealth and power could not be maintained by a single individual; it completely depends on the domination of others. The bodies controlled through basic needs, the mind by government fake IDs. Sleepless dreamers neatly packed, into stacks they can’t relax. Always knowing what to do, when the dream is living you.
31 We think ourselves to be individuals, as our identities divide our behaviors in so many ways. We think that having money will make us free and independent, while being a slave to it, in complete dependence on govcorp for existence. We think we are good, while denying our responsibility for the necessary evils of existence. We wish for peace and harmony, yet ensure continual conflict through extremely polarized black-and-white thinking. There is no answer for any of this except to calm the mind and pay attention, to witness our own thoughts and directly observe the hypocrisy.
32 The mind divides everything into neat little boxes, rationalizing all experience. This is good and necessary, but without the ability to be aware of its processing, of what it’s doing, we remain trapped in the activity. By observing the mind, and passively witnessing our thoughts, without identifying ourselves in them, the body gains an ability to step back and choose which thoughts to engage. The body is an incredibly complex machine, providing us with access to senses, thoughts, and consciousness; the entire universe in one small package. Awareness of the body and its true significance is the ultimate source of autonomy and sovereignty over existing societal programming.
33 The body is subject to the same conditional existence, the rational logic of cause and effect, as its environment. Every phenomenon we experience through the senses is the result of such order and conditions of the whole. Our senses are our most fundamental connection to the forms of the material world. The brain sits in a dark and wet skull, sense organs mediate the connection with nerve impulses and this is as close as we get. No religion or philosophy will ever approach the simple truth of what’s right here and now for us to observe.
34 So much continually unique phenomena are experienced through the senses. Nothing is ever the same, yet the mind recognizes patterns out of the chaos. Much of the information received is summarized automatically into objects and events. If we had to process the form of each blade of grass rather than seeing a lawn, we would be paralyzed. Through the delusion of discursive and analytical thought, the mind presents a spectacle of reality, enabling rational navigation for the body.
35 Objects do not exist outside context, just as words do not have a solid meaning, independent of other words. Failure to perceive the conditions which lead to the experience of objects as solid things, in and of themselves, binds the individual to a categorically programmed reality. Our intentions to act upon reality initiate the simulation of reality in which the objective is solved as a memeplex, incorporating the entire cosmology of all relevant objects with a narrative of their interrelationships. This is done continuously so long as the mind is propelled by intentions, typically stemming from needs and desires. Through meditation and careful attention, the substance behind the appearance of spectacle can be revealed.
36 The reality simulation provides us with a narrow approximation of reality based upon our own experiences. If we are paying attention to learn from our mistakes and trauma and suffering we find our behavior increasingly harmonizes with our environment. We all share the challenge of a body’s journey through life and so find that our maps of how to live skillfully are isomorphically convergent with each other. Life’s experiences and the dedication to finding truth put us all at various unique perspectives within this common effort.
37 You are always changing. You are not the same you as you were 5, 10, 20 or 30 years ago, and yet, something special has always remained deep within. This accumulation of discursive spectacle, and the calcification of the self to numinous identities throughout life have driven us farther from the truth of this mystery and farther from each other. It is natural and necessary to develop the rational facilities of the mind and its scientific pursuit of knowledge, but a failure to turn this pursuit inward upon the self is the greatest tragedy. This is the omega protocol, whose doctrine of liberation can now be recognized around every corner.
38 If you think that words can be objectively and universally defined, you have been infected. If you navigate society by judging people into behavioral categories, rather than connecting with unique living beings, you have the disease. If you are afraid to truly express yourself and maintain fake identities to the satisfaction of others, you are suffering from the post-modern condition which your anxieties will continue to hint at. By allowing your mind to dominate your innocent inner child, you unconsciously perpetuate this domination and terror over others. Earth Prime, the real planet Earth, where the Others have gathered to help manifest a higher existence, awaits, and we need your help.
39 Holoculture is wholesome culture in which the entire organizational context is available to be used, replicated, and remixed by any individual. The open-source nature of holoculture gives the individual complete authority and autonomy of participation. Holoculture is memetically propagated as determined by the individual and the ability to recognize and participate. Each individual is able to meet their own local needs in direct cooperation with others. The human needs which alien motives leave vastly unsatisfied, can be properly met by individuals operating under their own authority.
40 It can never be overstated how much of a depression parasitic culture is upon humanity. The parasite knows that it will die if the host dies, and so allows a minimal life support. The parasite also knows that if the host becomes strong enough, it will be thrown off the back. For this reason, the host is maintained at the absolute maximum of disease, without killing the host. This is no longer a viable strategy as the limits of growth for this cancer have already lead us to terminal cannibalism.
41 Debt money is the most advanced and shameless extreme of parasitic culture yet known. Entire economies are centrally directed towards the maintenance of control and further concentration of power. By supporting and valuing these technologies, we unconsciously legitimize the continuing horrors of the past which were inflicted upon humanity to result in the modern arrangements of power. History is a fake and overly simplified program to ensure your continued submission of authority to such arrangements. Only by encountering the truth of our condition, through introspection, can we appreciate even a hint of what has really happened to us in the past and to this day.
42 The institutions of society which emerge from the geometries of holocultural peering appear vastly different from the parasitic geometries of domination. The models for these two approaches to society may be called the holocultural stack and the dream stack respectively. While both stacks have been available to us for a long time, it is the holocultural stack which flows from the evolution of our individual consciousness. The awakening of humanity has been increasingly challenged by a slipping back into the tribal consciousness of the dream state and an extreme dependence on its stack. Real human connections with each other have become increasingly rare and precious, but many of us are still lucky enough to know of this potential.
43 Family is one of the last institutions in modern times to still support meaningful human connections with each other. Love between individuals and for any children they may create brings us close to the mysteries of life and opens our hearts to each other. Even so, most of what was once directly lived and experiences together has been replaced by an accumulation of spectacles. The generations have been disconnected, the sexes have been ruined for each other, and home economics completely forgotten. Grandparents are put into a home, replaced by daycare and tv for the kids, cooking and mealtime by food service and communication by social media.
44 Terminal competition for the last scraps of growth has lead to an ever deeper reach of commodification into once holocultural activities. The long process of uprooting can be seen in all of our major institutions from the family and economy to governance, education, religion, and media. In each area of activity, we can see how the dream stack disables and actively guards against the substantial human intention behind it, while crudely sustaining the appearance of satisfaction. No single institution has been spared from this deception.
45 Our politics of representative democracy is a complete stage show for the masses. We are completely disabled as individual participants by the idea that one can represent many. Furthermore, our opinions are subtly manufactured by propaganda such that the majority is ruled by the few through exploitation of ignorance. The individual is always disabled when interacting with govcorp dream states because the function is control above all else. If we confront the darkness in our hearts, we can clearly understand our continuing support for the literal rape of our planet and our children taken by our leaders.
46 Dream states are made of people. It’s a shared dream, an illusion of some greater entity, beyond the individual who submits to it as real. By valuing currency or even gold or bitcoins we submit our power to the dream states that they create. We unconsciously empower, through a sort of soft slavery, those who hoard and control the majority of these symbols of power. Therefore, most of the world’s wealth is an illusion which simply represents the ability to control masses of people.
47 Money does not give you freedom, it binds you to its logic of scarcity and commodification of the things that once satisfied our human needs. Instead of cooperating with each other, we are paralyzed by the illusion of money, and unsatisfied by the unsubstantial spectacle of its commodities. Our atomization and so-called independence from each other is an unnecessary duplication of many resources which could easily be shared with each other. When we share with each other we directly weaken the dream state and empower our local community. It is the responsibility of the individual, especially those most well off, to benefit the lives of those around them, and help to reverse the extraction of wealth from ourselves and our communities.
48 It is no coincidence that meeting needs through sharing or self-sufficiency, especially for free, is shamed in this society. How dare you exploit the generosity of others, who work hard for what they have? How can you ride the stinky bus with all the other bums? How can you sleep in your car without even paying rent or mortgage? We are made to feel guilty when we free ourselves through community and self-sufficiency.
49 Govcorp is not your friend; it is not there to help you. The only function of govcorp is to exploit you for power by giving you the hollow representation, the appearance of what you want, while leaving you empty inside. What you really want as a human being is priceless and cannot be bought with money. By cooperating outside the dream state, we retain and multiply our wealth while relating to each other meaningfully. Only through our individual awareness can we rebuild humanity from the cold and alien wasteland of the dream state.
50 The modern system of education will never teach our children how to create and live this more wholesome and fulfilling life together. The spectacle of education as a commodity appears in the form of schooling, like fish in a factory where the product is a dominated mind, unquestioning and obedient. The mind is filled with relentless trivia as the coals and sparks of self-awareness and rebellion are stamped out. Finally, a piece of paper qualifies the individual for a govcorp skinsuit of varying quality depending on the money spent and available inside connections, if any. When the spectacle hits reality, most of the trivia is proven useless, and the individual is scarcely prepared for work or life.
51 School as a point of authority dispensing arbitrary dogma, is opposed to the natural learning capacities of the individual. When we deeply understand the inner workings of our environment, the way an engineer manipulates a system, we become dynamically effective in ways that simple memorization cannot offer. The mind naturally tries to apprehend what is seen before it, and builds a model of reality which allows the individual to copy behaviors and results accurately. When doctrine is designed and expressed to illuminate the deep inner workings of an activity, it empowers the individual to autonomously manipulate reality. This type of doctrine is different from arbitrary dogma in that its purpose is to facilitate memetic replication of behavior between individuals.
52 There appears to be a grand order to the universe, it’s like everything happens for a reason. The idea of cause and effect is the basis for all scientific exploration. The spectacle of scientism is an endless reduction of complex phenomena to simple concepts for the mind, often neglecting the subjectivity of the observer. Being lost in this arbitrary objectivity, scientific pursuit becomes ungrounded from the senses, and twisted to trivial or inhuman ends. The body, its senses and experiences of phenomena, is the basis for a meaningful pursuit of knowledge.
53 All phenomena are conditioned by and condition many other phenomena. When conditions are no longer present, the dependent phenomenal complex is no longer present. The body is not an exception, we are right in the middle of this mess, but this is only a half truth. Consciousness or even life itself is not constrained to a single body, whose strength and beauty is a testament to the eternal process of life which works through us. Just as ever more suitable and harmonious genes are selected for the body in its environment, so to are memes selected for the environment, including culture between other bodies.
54 The body is the most universally shared aspect of our environment, common to the experience of all individuals. It is also the center of our personal experience. We can not recognize the significance and meaning of anything, before we recognize the significance and meaning of our body. Knowing the self and how to master it as a part of our environment is not something that we have to do alone. While we can learn the hard way, through our own experience, we can also discuss and develop expressions of relevant wisdom with others.
55 Religious or spiritual teachings are a fundamental part of human culture. Throughout life, our awareness inevitably comes to the self and we question our existence: who am I? What is the meaning of life? Without getting into corrupted hierarchical organizations we can identify a basic model which emerges from sharing and convergence upon cultural behaviors between individuals along any category of knowledge including the transcendental. Ideally, we have an executive body of individuals interacting through guilds, which embody and express archetypes by aligning to models of reality. The convergence of culture manifests as disciplined individuals discussing and developing doctrine of the archetypes from various perspectives.
56 The application of knowledge always involves intentional action through a body. The quality of the results depends on the quality of the program we execute, and how closely it maps to the underlying territory of causality. Everything we do, every intentional act involves a set of memes which are bound up in the context of our personal model of the territory. The artifacts which result from our actions give direct hints of our personal models to others. Through the cultivation of discipline, and the development and discussion of doctrine, the culture among many individuals may converge upon ideal archetypes.
57 Religion or spirituality has always been motivated by the most fundamental questions of the nature of being; how the body relates to the whole and navigates existence. All religions share a significant and substantial set of isomorphisms between their maps, because they were all made by humans for humans who could perceive the higher realms of existence we all share. While all religions are convergent upon higher realms of order, they all exist in various states of corruption and incompleteness. Of all the prophets who experienced and expressed enlightenment, the Buddha has created the most successful legacy of liberation, and the only doctrine to pierce the illusion of spectacle.
58 The Buddha is a master archetype. The Dharma is its most basic model of reality; the conditionality and impermanence of all phenomena. The Sangha could be called the Buddha guild, and is constituted by the convergent actions of disciplined individuals. The abhidhamma is like a complete operational manual, phenomenologically breaking down the process of experience that we all share in common, but rarely consciously observe and experiment with. Furthermore, no other doctrine is as effective, or even capable of ultimate liberation, through unbinding from illusion of permanence and false pleasure, especially regarding the self.
59 Doctrine facilitates cultural convergence between individuals upon ideal archetypes of human behavior. Doctrine is the result of this intention, and when passed among many individuals becomes refined through memetic selection. Holoculture depends on the replication of wholesome memes, whose entire organizational context is available to the individual, free of any dream state mediation and enforced information asymmetries. This open-source function is critical to the natural evolution of culture, and the autonomy of the individual. The network society depends on collections of such material which can be freely replicated between individuals in the context of guilds.
60 Doctrine comes in many forms and media. Traditionally it was passed orally between individuals as story, song, dance, ritual, etc. All of these must be properly interpreted by the disciple and this can be facilitated by direct communication with a master. With the introduction of written word and other modern forms of media, doctrine may be available without guidance, and the memes underlying this artifact material may go unrecognized. This is especially dangerous as language emerges from the spectacle of reality, which the mind fabricates, potentially binding the reader to surface level illusions (delusions).
61 Just as genes are selected towards an ideal suitability of forms in relation to facets of the physical environment, so too are archetypes, or archmemes, the ideal forms towards which memes are selected, for suitability corresponding to facets of the social or cultural environment. Just as nature will never produce a perfectly ideal lung, or foot, so too will human behavior never perfectly embody an archetype. The territory of geometries in this ideal realm is incredibly complex, being conditioned by many different environments, bodies, and cultural impressions. The pioneering of new facets of human behavior, when conducted out of a shared necessity, may result in memetic selection and replication depending on the quality of the map or program in relation to the conditions of the underlying geometric order. This process of cultural evolution depends on individual creativity and experimentation.
62 Culture in the network society is open-source, allowing access to the full organizational context of any particular behavior or process. This is critical to the ability of the individual to remix and replicate cultural patterns free of dream state enclosures. The patent system further demonstrates how our institutions prevent from occurring what they claim to facilitate. Nothing new is invented outside the context of previous advancements; we stand on the shoulders of giants. Intellectual property and patent laws massively depress the potential impact of humanity’s latest advancements, limiting their use and evolution to the motives of a single controlling entity.
63 Furthermore, technological and scientific progress within the context of control and the concentration of power will always turn out as a corrupted spectacle. Without individual concern and participation in the evolution of all facets of culture, the commodification undertaken to exploit this void will always result in the optimization of appearance at the expense of substance. The culture and technology produced under a control and exploitation motive will always turn out to be unwholesome. All efforts are made to ensure that the consumer remains dependant, and can be cut off with no way to satisfy the need on their own. Much of what we call progress is a cultural dead end and is barely salvageable for use in network society.
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